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WDYM excerpt Ch 21 - You Are Not Your Problem By Jim Self & Roxane BurnettWhy now is the time to release who you are not and remember who you are
Chapter 21—You Are Not Your Problem

Throwing EnergyMany years ago, when I first began my conversations with the archangels and ascended masters, Master Kuthumi said to me: To enter and remain in the fifth dimension you must master every thought, every emotion, and every action. Every moment. Cautiously, and with great respect (and without grimacing or rolling my eyes), I replied, Well, it looks like I won't be entering the fifth dimension anytime soon. Kuthumi smiled and said, We shall see.

Thus began the pathway we call Mastering Alchemy;the pathway to master ourselves so that we may enter and remain in higher levels of consciousness.

How you respond to the quickly increasing noise and drama during this Shift is a wonderful and consistent training ground for becoming masterful.

Miracle StoriesMiracles are all around us. All we have to do is open to the possibility that miracles not only exist, but with the right tools and mindset, we ourselves are capable of creating them.
Campus Lockdown
Something happened this afternoon that I just had to share with you. I am a teacher at an elementary school. This afternoon, we had a crisis situation, our first. Our kids were just dismissed and were getting on busses and in cars when the word came that there was a suicidal gun man in the area. We focused on the kids, cleared the 
campus and then went into lockdown mode ourselves. Cops were everywhere but still...
The primary objective of any transition (whether it is a deliberate transition or one that steps into your life) is to accomplish your goal with as little stress and emotional, mental or physical upheaval as possible. The secondary objective is to leverage it in order to become a better, more whole, mature and masterful person. Career change? Re-entering the job market? Recovering from a loss? Moving your office or home?
Regardless of what your transition is, these common key strategies will make it easier: