Mastering Alchemy - Tool # 1 | Mastering Alchemy

Reclaiming Your Command Center
Finding The Center of Your Head

1) Finding the Center of Your Head
This audio file features a lecture and meditation that will help you find and experience being in the "Center of Your Head."  The meditation also introduces you to the relaxing benefits of "circular breathing."
2) Meditation Practice for 'Not Going To...'
Whenever we close our eyes we have a tendency to lose our focus and go into 'trance'.  In this meditation, Roxane leads you through an exercise designed to help you stay present and not automatically 'go to...' 
Many of these recordings are from live workshops, so you may hear some background noise.
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Track 1 (23:45)
- The Shift
- Simple, not insignificant
- All else is good
- Circular breath

Track 2 (17:35)
- Clean quadrants of the center of your head
- Not-Go-To meditation
- Hold front/back and side/side points at the edges of field
- Gold sun