Mastering Alchemy - Tool # 3 | Mastering Alchemy

The Rose

1. The Rose - Changing the Past, Recreating Your Future
Jim explains the extraordinary power of the Rose. He also leads you through some exercises designed to help you free up the energy in your space by gently yet firmly pulling back your energy from the people and places that you left it during your day, as well as releasing the energy of those whose attention has been focused on you throughout your day (parents, children, friends, boss, colleagues, partner, etc.)
2. More Magical Uses for the Rose
Roxane leads us through a relaxing meditation designed to help you make separations from irritating or bothersome people, as well as dissolve any limiting beliefs you may have about money, doubt, resistance, your body, etc.
Track 1 (23:17)
- Using the Rose to collecting yourself and energy up from your day
- Making separations from others
- When to make separations
- Making separations with two roses
- Best friends in your space

Track 2 (29:11)

- Your Reading Screen
- Using a white Rose to collect up energy of three bothersome people from around and in your body.
- Using two Roses to make separations
- Money and who taught you this belief
- Doubt and who taught you this belief
- Resistance and who taught you this belief
- A body issue and who taught you this belief
- A limiting belief and who taught you this belief