Level 2: Nine-Month Program

Our Nine Months Together BEGINS NOVEMBER 11, 2019 

Orchestrated by the Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Teachers of Light to expand your understanding, your consciousness and your ability to utilize the new energy tools that are now available to you. Level 1 is the prerequisite.
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Listen as Jim describes Level 2  (05:22)

This Course will enable you to:

  • Visit the Temples of Purification and Resurrection within the fifth dimension
  • Dissolve the veils of forgetfulness and ignorance
  • Activate the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands
  • Realign the fourth chakra, thymus gland and the fifth chakra
  • Understand and use the many Rays of Creation
  • Transform the Star Tetrahedron into the Cube
  • Activate the Eye of Horus within the brain
  • Clear survival, fear and separation from your life
  • Identify and move between the seven layers of thought
  • Create a platform of well-being

The Level 2 Program is presented as a combination of live webinars with Jim and downloadable MP3 audio files. Sessions are available weekly in your private classroom.

Tuition Includes this and much more:

  • 36 individual MP3 weekly sessions (nine months)
  • Access to archived audios, articles and webinars.
  • Live exclusive webinars with Jim
  • Monthly live group calls with Jim
  • Audio recordings of conversations between Jim and the Archangels
  • A Playbook PDF for most sessions
  • Exclusive Face Book group to connect with others in Level 2

A new group forms every February, May, August and November.

Are You Ready for Level 2?
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Tuition: $695.00 usd (was $895). Tuition Plan available. Please see store.

Observations from Jim - "How Do I Know These Things?"

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