Level 3

Our Year Together BEGINS NOVEMBER 1, 2019


A series of ongoing 50-week programs.

The Level 3 program is a co-creation between the Archangels, Ascended Masters and you, a physical human. In order to reach their goal, they have asked to co-create in each session, actively teaching and providing verbal instruction. Their purpose is very clear… Human Ascension!

This will be accomplished by:

Raising the vibration of your mental and emotional bodies. This will release the density of third dimensional thoughts and emotions to such a level that these two bodies will become one

  • You will merge this mental-emotional body into your spiritual body, becoming one with the Soul. This is done consciously by you within the fifth dimension.
  • From this level of Soul consciousness the lower three chakras are re-configured, balanced and vibrationally raised.
  • This new alignment then gives you access to the Unified Field of Consciousness for the first time in your physical form.
  • This access opens conscious awareness into the Universal Mind of the Creator and allows you to experience the Holy Spirit for the first time. (The Holy Spirit is not what you were trained to think it is.)

Advanced, practical applications and tools taught directly by the Archangels and Masters.
Practice creating with:

  • The Rays of Creation
  • The many Color Codes
  • Etheric and Causal Bodies
  • The Triads
  • The Elementals
  • The Arc of the Covenant and the Ze-On particles
  • Two-way communication with your cells
  • The fifth element of Love
  • The seven layers of the Lightbody including the axiatonal lines
  • and more.

Tuition includes this and more:

  • Conversations between Jim and the Archangels and Masters.
  • Participation in a private Face Book group
  • Access to archived audios, articles, etc.
  • Attend exclusive live webinars with Jim, just for Level 3 participants.   

A new group forms every three months,  February, May, August and November.
Level 3-Year 1: $995.00 (Level 2 is a prerequisite). Tuition plan available.

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