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Freedom. Now What?
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Over 9 hours of lectures, energy work and channeling with Jim Self, Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe of Crimson Circle.

Everyone says they want to be free, but many are not ready for true freedom or the responsibility that comes with it. Once you are free, what will you do? How will you live?

Ever since getting stuck in a crystal for what seemed like eons, Adamus Saint-Germain has been dedicated to the cause of freedom throughout his many subsequent lifetimes. In this dynamic presentation, he shows the way and invites you into your own freedom.

Supported by his nightly communication and collaboration with the archangels, Jim Self has worked with thousands of individuals over many years to release themselves of limitations and internal constraints. Together with Adamus, he now offers practical tools to take those final steps into freedom.

Intro Video

Introduction (13:30) – Hosted by Linda Hoppe, Jim Self and Geoffrey Hoppe welcome listeners to “Freedom… Now What?

Session 1 (55:49) – Adamus talks about how true freedom is so much more than just improving one’s life, what he calls “making your cage in the zoo a little better.” After telling a detailed version of his story of getting caught in a crystal – and how he finally got out – Adamus, together with Metatron and others, asks the all-important question: Are you ready for freedom? He then guides a merabh for feeling into your own freedom, and talks about Grace – what it really is and how it pertains to freedom.

Session 2 (44:24) – Jim talks about how we got to this state of being un-free, and how to get out of the third-dimensional box we find ourselves stuck in (much like Adamus’ crystal). He explains how our stories keep us locked in until we’re ready to be done playing the game, move into Present Time and step into freedom. He also talks about the energies that are affecting Earth and human consciousness right now, and the many struggles for freedom that are happening around the planet.

Session 3 (48:45) – Adamus explains what it means to be a free being, a being of “sovereign domain.” He then gives the core of the entire message: “Freedom occurs when you accept that you have never done anything wrong.” It is the belief of having done wrong that creates your prison. Adamus defines what freedom really means, leads another deep merabh and then explains what you might experience as you release yourself into freedom.

Session 4 (41:24) – Jim talks about how the “rational mind” keeps us in limitation by accepting countless untrue definitions of “who I am.” He expands on how to come into Present Time and how that gives you the opportunity to make a true choice, and then allow yourself into freedom. Jim then leads a deep experience of being in Present Time and disentangling yourself from all that doesn’t serve you.

Session 5 (56:14) – Adamus returns with a reminder of the absolute simplicity of freedom, then shares the four basic tenets of true freedom. He explains how humans live “by association” and how that brings inherent limitation, and then explains how to “dissociate” yourself into freedom. With one last merabh, Adamus reminds you to simply allow the “and” of freedom.

Session 6 (44:49) – Jim talks more about the “and” of freedom and how to play with and experience it in Present Time. He then guides an experience of building a “platform” from which you can experience yourself as a free being. After the experience Jim asks, “Now what? How will you choose?”

Session 7 (13:2g6) – In this short wrap-up segment, Jim and Geoff discuss the amazing material brought forth by all the energy of Adamus, Metatron and others. They mention how seductive the old habits of limitation can be, and the secret to returning to our choice of freedom.

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