Female Alchemy - The Fundamentals | Mastering Alchemy

This three-part course offers tools specifically designed to address and release the unique issues and programing that women face. Programming such as what to think, how to behave and feel. Programming from our culture about what it means to create and what success is.  It's time to take back your seniority and be who you came here to be.

Feedback on Part One:
I loved, loved, loved your video for Female Alchemy! I don't know how the audience could stay seated. Your courage to show us the imbalance we live with was not only funny, but informative, supportive, and most of all empowering! I am looking forward to the next parts.
CS, Ireland

Part One - A 40-minute video (not downloadable) explaining how we got to this place of imbalance. Includes energy work to begin to release the programming from our Female Creative Energy Center.

Part Two (Approximately 90 minutes-downloadable)  MP3 recordings of the live webinar. Beginning where we left off in the video we will focus upon:
- Learn the difference between male and female creative energy.
- Learn to run female creative energy through your body.
- Release the words and phrases that get in your way of creating.
- Questions and Answers

Part Three (Approximately 90 minutes-downloadable)  MP3 recordings of the live webinar.
- Defining overwhelm and how it grows
- Three categories of stress
- Energy tools to implement the three steps to end overwhelm
- The strategy of "Its Not My Responsibility"

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$125 USD