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Mastering Alchemy Light

Mastering Alchemy Light - Monthly Subscription

This newest Mastering Alchemy monthly subscription program provides you with many tools that help you gain insight into how world events are effecting you. Plus powerful tools that return you to a state of ease and balance. From this new platform, you will positively influence humanity and Mother Earth. You are here to make a difference. Now you can!

Each month enjoy:

  • Planetary Shifts - Informative videos
  • Live exclusive Webinar with Jim which includes a ...
  • Question & Answer segment with each question posted as tracks for easy listening.
  • Transcribed Conversation with the Archangels and Teachers of Light

Whether you’re new to A Course in Mastering Alchemy or a long-term participant, Mastering Alchemy Light will add to your ability to navigate successfully through this crazy, shifting world.

Sample a month: Click Here

How it works logistically:

  1. Log-in and click on Mastering Alchemy Light in the Library tab in the upper bar.
  2. Webinar registration will be available the first week of each month.
  3. Webinar will be held on a Thursday (usually third Thursday) at 5pm Pacific Time (California)
  4. Webinar recordings will be posted no later than the Monday after.
  5. Content is not downloadable but will be available for three months.

Recurring Tuition:
Monthly subscription $15
This is an auto-renewal program. This means that your card will be charged every month on the same day as you enroll today.

Refund Policy

Price: $15.00