Living Within the Lightbody | Mastering Alchemy

A program for those who have completed all the Mastering Alchemy work.

Your Next Step - This series is exclusively for those who have completed the Mastering Alchemy body of work and are now experiencing the Living Lightbody.

We will once again work and play together as a Collective, to further understand and expand your awareness in the quietness of the All That Is, where you now find yourself.

We want to give you a maximum experience with this work. Included will be:

  • 15 sessions (lectures and meditations). These were live recorded webinars with the group before you. Downloadable.
  • Two Question and Answer sessions. Also recorded from the group before you. Downloadable.
  • Six-part video series Aging and Optimal Health. This is a conversation between Dr Everett Beyer and Jim, exclusive to  the Living Within the Lightbody program. Paying attention to the health of the physical body is absolutely necessary to step fully into the 5D and utilize the Lightbody in the most effective manner.
  • Access to the Advanced Webinars plus the library of recordings for three months.
  • Private Face Book group - Just for you.

The focus of our work together will be:

  • Anchoring energetic alignment in the fifth layer of thought
  • Integrating the Holy Spirit deeper into your space
  • Expanding the indigo and magenta Color Codings
  • Stepping into the joy of death without losing the body
  • Upgrading the geometric fields
  • Utilizing the Rays in expanded ways
  • The new magnetics and merging the eighth chakra into the Sacred Heart
  • Drawing the non-physical into the physical

To prepare:
To get an idea of where this work is going and set the foundation for the first session please log in and listen to these two Advanced Webinars, now on a private page for you.
The Power of the Feminine Attention Point Within You:
Application of the Green Color Code:

This classroom is available indefinitely.

From Jim:
Personally, I continue to be very amazed as this evolving work continues. I very much look forward to playing together with you again. The Collective gathers.