Creating From Within All That Is | Mastering Alchemy

photo of the galaxyThis series is exclusively for those who have completed the Living Within the Lightbody series.   

We have received many requests from your group to present more of this expanded Lightbody work. This series includes 13 downloadable sessions with Jim and the Teachers of Light.

These topics will be expanded from where you currently know them:

  • Create from the higher layers of thought
  • Focus the  Color Codes for your creations and wellbeing
  • Engage with the Arc of the Covenant in a deeper way
  • Transition the physical brain to the Christed Brain
  • Engage the Christed Oversoul
  • Utilize all seven layers of the Living Lightbody
  • Connect with the All That Is for successful creations
  • Allow permission
  • Step through the doorway where magic happens
  • Work together with Shekinah
  • And much more

As this amazing Shift continues to unfold We believe this new information will be very helpful in further activating the Living Lightbody and engaging the fifth-dimensional experience into your walking around space.

You will find this information to be very helpful in the coming days and We look forward to engaging with you once again.  -- Jim

This classroom is available indefinitely.

Also receive:

  • Two bonus lectures and meditations to prepare you for this work: Boredom Into Creativity and Using the Cube to Create
  • A private Facebook group
  • A substantial discount on the All That Is conference recordings held in May 2019.