Creating From Within All That Is | Mastering Alchemy

Tuition Reduced!! A LIVE program for those who have completed all the Mastering Alchemy work.    We have received many many requests from those who have completed all the MA work to present more of this expanded Light Body work. This is a LIVE webinar series which will include 14 downloadable sessions plus Q&A’s. We meet twice each month beginning in November. There will also be a conference in late April or May, 2019 for only those participating in this webinar series.
The Advanced Webinars are also available with this series.
These topics will be expanded from where you currently know them:

  • Creating from the higher layers of thought
  • Focusing the  Color Codes for your creations and wellbeing
  • Engaging from the Arc of the Covenant
  • Transitioning the physical brain to the Christed Brain
  • Engaging the Christed Oversoul
  • Utilizing the seven layers of the Living Light Body
  • Connecting with the All That Is for successful creations

And much more… the AAs and other Teachers of Light are still designing this and will continue to in present time.

As this amazing Shift continues to unfold We believe this new information will be very helpful in further activating the Living Light Body and engaging the fifth dimensional experience.

You will find this information to be very helpful in the coming days and look forward to engaging with you once again.  -- Jim

Enroll and receive the registration link to Go To Webinar.
5 - 6:30pm Pacific Time (California) GMT: -7

Wednesday Dates:
Nov. 7 and 14, 2018
Dec. 5 and 12, 2018
Jan. 9 and 16, 2019
Feb.. 13 and 20, 2019
March 20 and 27, 2019
April 10 and 17, 2019
May 15 and 29, 2019

Yes - this will be recorded and posted in your Private Classroom a few days later.