Enter the Present Future | Mastering Alchemy

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Exclusively for those who've completed the Creating From Within All That Is program.

Many who have completed the Mastering Alchemy work have emailed asking questions about the current state of the world and “Is this the transition we've been talking about?" The answer is Yes. The transition is playing out in two ways:

1- The external, 3D world is now becoming conscious of the significant imbalance in the human condition, and “You cannot take your baggage with you.” Their stuff is coming up to be released.
2- In our individual internal world, there is a loosening of restrictions and an expansion of choices and opportunities unseen for eons of time.

As this transition continues, there are some new and previously unexplored opportunities that are now available to you.

The Teachers of Light and We would like to invite you to join us in this webinar series.
Seven sessions. One hour+ each. Additional audio material that supports this work.

We will expand the use of the following tools and applications:

  • Integrating the new Light Filaments
  • Creating with the eighth, ninth and tenth Rays of Creation
  • Using the Platonic Solids as senders, receivers, and amplifiers
  • Using the Merkaba
  • Drawing Multidimensional Consciousness into your center point
  • Navigating Death. It’s time to take another look
  • The etheric body and Arc of the Covenant
  • Creating the Platform of Love

Yes, the files are downloadable. The classroom remains open for you.