Level 3 Year 2 (MA43) | Mastering Alchemy

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We know this global pandemic and the resulting economic disruption can be concerning. Due to the self quarantining and potential loss of income you may be experiencing we want to help minimize the economic challenge this may cause.
To help make it easier for you to take the next step to Level 3-Year 2, we are contributing $200 toward your tuition.

This course is specifically orchestrated by the Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Teachers of Light to expand your understanding, your consciousness and your ability to utilize the new energy tools that are now available to you.

This 50-week program includes additional material and live webinars.

This program is a full continuation of our co-creation with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and You.

In order to reach their goal, these Beings of Light will continue to co-create each session, actively teaching and providing verbal and energetic instruction. Yeshua, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Uriel and others join us weekly.

The progression of events and experiences provided in this Level 3 adventure are not describable in words. In a most wonderful manner everything we know is transforming and expanding beyond words.

Everything you've learned to date will be built upon and expanded. The specific target is to activate the Light Body and live within it. You can:

  • Alter the electrical function of the brain
  • Activate the portion of the brain that is turned off
  • Alter the neurological and electromagnetic functions
  • Change the hormonal production of the pituitary gland to regenerate the physical body into health and wellbeing
  • Integrate the Soul, the Over-Self and Spirit into a singular living alignment in the Heart.
  • Fully access and become One with the “Christed Over-Self”
  • Experience ecstasy through the bodies
  • Move Light radiation through all your bodies
  • Experience all 14 chakras
  • And much more.

A very few of the New Tools we will practice and anchor during our year together:

  • The tenth Ray of Creation and Kundalini
  • The Christed Matrix
  • The four elements
  • The fifth element of Love
  • The four Creator Particles
  • The yellow, red, blue and green Color Coding
  • The triad of Mother Mary, Anna and Mary Magdalene
  • The triad of Michael, Metatron and Melchizedek
  • The Divine Masculine and Feminine
  • Matching Yeshua and Kuthumi within the Sacred Heart

The Level 3 work has evolved over the last 5 years and has constantly been upgraded and enhanced to meet each expansion of the Shift of Consciousness.  This Shift is no longer a future event. It is now occurring through and around you. The Archangels have explained that through the work done by the groups before you, new levels of light required to assist the ascension of mass consciousness have been solidly anchored.

Your participation has further added to this. You and your Level 3 group brought the Rays of Creation, the Triads and the Eye of Horus (among other things) into a strong presence upon the planet. You also began to anchor more of the Christed Matrix for all of humanity. This is greatly appreciated in the higher dimensions.



The Level 3 information is available in your private classroom weekly for 50 weeks. A new group of Level 3 forms every three months (Feb., May, Aug., Nov.). The format and operation of this private classroom is identical to Level 3 Year 1.  Each session is available each Friday.

We continue to be aware of your financial wellbeing. We have not increased tuition. We hope this makes it as convenient as possible for you to participate.

A couple is considered to be two people in an intimate relationship living within the same household. Please ask about family discounts. Please give us both your names and emails in "Order Comments" during check-out.

Included are 9-12 live webinars, exclusive to all Level 2-3 groups. 

PLUS-We want to have more personal contact with you as the year unfolds, so we will also schedule live phone calls every 2 months with your group. This will be for answering your specific questions, additional tools and information or just checking in with how you're doing.  All calls will be recorded and posted on a private page a few days later. 

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To help make it easier for you to take the next step to Level 3-Year 2, we are contributing $200 toward your tuition.
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