A Reset - 2 | Mastering Alchemy

Exclusively for those who have completed the Reset-1 program.

There are aspects of your spiritual personality that can now be integrated into the Etheric Body.  You hold many spiritual attributes, bright reflections, unique patterns of beauty, and personality markers that identify you as You. These are downloadable and can now be integrated into the Lightbody.

We look forward to continuing this full and amazing journey with you.
Jim, Roxane, and the Teachers of Light.

The 10 sessions will include this and more:

  • The ability to hold and utilize Light more precisely within your own space
  • Consciously creating in 4-5 D
  • Recognizing and demonstrating the signature vibrational tone that you are known by, in All That Is
  • Greater wisdom to discern and hold higher truth
  • Work with Archangels Michael and Uriel
  • Your room in the sixth dimension
  • Simultaneous time choices
  • Work and play with the creative aspects of the Molecule
  • Conscious attention on the abilities brought forth by the seven layers of the Lightbody.
  • Imagination and the sixth dimension
  • Supplemental conversations and recordings

Advanced Webinars offer a powerful enhancement for this program. Explore the subscription here.