A Reset - 2 | Mastering Alchemy

Exclusively for those who have completed the A Reset program.

The 10 sessions will include, but are not be limited to:

  • The ability to hold and utilize Light more precisely within your own space

  • The ability to radiate, reflect and direct Light into your creations

  • Recognizing and demonstrating the signature vibrational-tone that you are known by, in All That Is

  • Greater wisdom to discern and hold higher truth

  • Knowing and utilizing the rhythms of the Universe

  • Work and play with the creative aspects of the Molecule

  • Consciously entering your sleep-state to alter the configuration of consciousness held within the lower third/fourth-dimensional thought realms. This will allow us to begin to alter the third-dimensional energetics held within the emotional body of Earth. This will also begin to eliminate Fear.

  • More conscious attention on the abilities brought forth by the seven layers of the Lightbody. Such as the Ark of the Covenant, Undifferentiated Light, working with the eleventh chakra, opening two-way communication with the cells, and utilizing the information within the added strands of DNA.

  • Plus other tools and initiations the Teachers of Light have planned for us

The first and third Thursdays of each month for 5 months. September 2 - January 20, 2022.
5pm Pacific Time

Enrollment ends October 1 (US daytime).