Reset - 1 | Mastering Alchemy

Exclusively for any who have completed the Mastering Alchemy Level 3-Year 3 program.

These last few years have contained significant disruptions. They also provide significant opportunities for your own personal growth. They provide an opportunity for the creation of a new agreement, a new choice, a new realm of consciousness to be experienced. A Reset.

The 10 sessions include:

  • Creating from and within, the Molecule
  • More fully utilizing the Etheric Body in the fifth Layer of Thought
  • Crystallizing the molecules of the physical body into Love
  • Creating your next lifetime from this lifetime
  • Existing in two places at the same time
  • More about Time
  • Building upon the Project Park Bench work
  • More about Death and transformation, without leaving the body
  • Changing your default patterns

Session Titles:

  • Merging Layers of Consciousness
  • Can You Accept You?
  • Allow It to Come to You
  • Crystalizing Love
  • Be the Molecule
  • Taste the Strawberry
  • Changing Your Default Patterns
  • Increments of Awareness
  • You and Simultaneous Time
  • Finding Your Way Home

If you are a grad and want to prepare for this series, please log in and Listen Here to these two Advanced Webinars:
- What is the New Crystalized Pink Light?
- Special Solstice Advanced on dismantling the structures of the third dimension.

All grad programs are listed in the store in the order they were received. So much has changed over the last few years Jim and the Teachers have agreed to not require we take these in this order. They do slightly build upon each other, however. We now suggest you, as always, look at the descriptions and use your intuition. Some guy once said, "You can’t do this wrong. It isn’t possible.”
Advanced Webinars offer a powerful enhancement for this program. Explore the subscription here.