From the Park Bench - Building the New Realm | Mastering Alchemy

Only for those who participated in the 20-session Project Park Bench - A World Service (live or in-store). If you did not participate in that 20-session class, please go Here to enroll in the first Project Park Bench.

As we gather again, what would a realm without fear feel like?  Together we are designing and building the architecture. You are building the cup to receive what you ask to experience.

What the Teachers of Light have planned for us together:

  • Your role in Atlantis and how it affects you in the present
  • What can occur when all of us focus together on building a new realm

  • Work and play with the Elementals and the five elements
  • Correct the wobbles that occurred in Atlantis and are present now
  • Setting the stage for the New Human
  • Raising your vibration one full octave

When we meet:
Sundays, December 12 and 19, January 9 and 16
11 am-12 pm-ish Pacific Time (GMT-8)
Upon enrolling, you'll receive an email with details on how to attend the live webinars.

Also, receive:

  • Four powerful, energy-filled live sessions. Approximately one hour each.
  • Recordings are then placed in your private classroom. Streaming with lifetime access.
  • Continued access to our private Facebook group to ask questions of Jim and Roxane and share your observations

This series is 100% about you and 100% about service to others. All tuition will be donated to non-profits committed to eliminating world hunger.

Tuition: $USD 50.00