Reset - 3 | Mastering Alchemy

Exclusively for those who have completed the Reset - 2 program.

The Teachers of Light would like us to focus on:

  • Consciously enter your sleep-state to alter the configuration of consciousness held within the lower third/fourth-dimensional thought realms.

  • This then allows us to begin to alter the third-dimensional energetics held within the emotional body of Earth. Something so necessary during these chaotic times.

  • This will also enhance your merging with the elements and the Elementals.

Some Session Titles:

  • Love in the StarTetrahedron
  • Structuring the Octave
  • Outside of Time
  • Merging Your Neurology
  • Commanding Presence
  • Leveraging the Sleep Space
  • Dissolving Darkness
  • Take Two Steps Back

Ten downloadable sessions. Lifetime access.