Level 3 Year 3 (MA46) | Mastering Alchemy

Butterfly in Light for Level 3Classroom opens August 1, 2022. Enrollment ends August 14.  If you are eligible please log in to see the Add-to-Cart button. 

53 more weeks! You've played together with us for several years and this work has become well anchored into your daily practice and your life. It may not have always been easy, but it certainly has been transformative. You are not the same person as you were three years ago! Do you agree?

You've made some incredible changes and have joined with others to assist in uplifting humanity and the planet. You have accomplished much.  The work now has one focus ... Your ascension!
This program is the final year of our co-creation with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and You.

Click Here for a PDF of the Level 3 Year 3 curriculum.

The main focus is activating and aligning all seven layers of your Living Lightbody. The initiations and information will be completed during this program.

What you will experience in this coming year together:

  • All seven layers of the Lightbody will be activated.
  • Activate the Ze and Ze-on particles
  • Remove separation, powerlessness, and victim using these new tools
  • Activate and wear the Arc of the Covenant
  • Bring in the Undifferentiated Light
  • Alter the pituitary gland
  • Release disappointment
  • Merge your Soul, Oversoul, Christed Oversoul, Soul-Spirit
  • Bridge the eighth, ninth and tenth chakras
  • Two-way communication between cells
  • See, sear, feel through the Eye of Horus
  • Work with intention in etheric then physical thymus
  • The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh strands of DNA
  • The Holy Spirit tetrahedron
  • Looping with the Christed Mind
  • Bridge the eighth, ninth, tenth chakras
  • We Are the experiment.

It has become absolutely clear to me that this body of information is not to be learned or memorized but lived and experienced. I am continually awed by what is being given to us. None of us could have guessed we would be here at this moment. I am grateful for your part in this creation.

Roxane and I invite you to play and continue this journey with us. The Archangels and Masters are again requesting your presence on this collective adventure to uplift yourself, humanity, and Mother Earth.

Program Design
Our next year together operates the same way and will contain 53 sessions. A new session is available each week.

A Couple is considered to be two people in an intimate relationship living within the same household. Please ask about family discounts. Please give us both your names and emails in "Order Comments" during check-out.

Live Classes
Included are monthly live webinars, exclusive to all Level 2-3 groups.

Plus-We want to have more personal contact with you as the year unfolds, so we will also schedule live phone calls every 2 months with your group. This will be for answering your questions, additional tools and information, or just checking in with how you're doing.  All calls will be recorded and posted on a private page a few days later.

Success Stories (click)
Wow, I completed the first session of Year 3 and had such a profound sense of the contribution I have toward the direction of the planet. I would say MIND BLOWN !!! Must be recognizing my own capability (I kind of knew it already). - JN

Amazing changes are happening. I am finding a love that I did not know existed. It is like meeting the person of your dreams where all aspects of life are great because you’re in love. But I did not meet the person of my dreams. I met me and it's self-love that I found. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I could love myself as I do now. RC

If you choose the Tuition Plan, monthly withdrawals from the card you use for the down payment will begin the month following and on the day of that down payment. You may update your card anytime.

Individual full tuition is $1350.
Couple's full tuition is $2550. Save $150.