Personal Growth and Spirituality | Mastering Alchemy

Mastering Alchemy offers concepts and tools to expand your skills and ability to consciously choose how to experience your life.

This course in spirituality and personal growth is designed and taught with the assistance and guidance of the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Teachers of Light. Their intention is to expand your consciousness and ability to utilize new energy tools on the path toward building your Living Light Body.

For us, Alchemy is much more than the process of changing lead into gold. We see Alchemy as a pathway to step from your third-dimensional experience into your higher self through a more expansive awareness of life. 

To master Alchemy, consciously choose how to experience your life, and accelerate your ascension, the Archangels and Great Beings of Light invite you to join us on this step-by-step journey.

A Course in Mastering Alchemy Includes: 

1- Library of Free Webinars - Attend free monthly webinars to determine if this course is a match for your goals.
2- Fundamental Tools - Get a glimpse of the basic tools we use in Mastering Alchemy.
3- Level 1 Program - Online streaming videos. This program consists of 36 lessons designed to help you quiet the noise and drama in your life.
4- Level 2 Program - Nine months of online classes. Access who you came here to be, and meet the Teachers of Light.
5- Level 3 Program - Presented with the Teachers of Light. Begin to build and anchor your Living Light Body.

CLICK on the file below to listen to Jim talk about A Course in Mastering Alchemy.
- Radio interview with Sandra Sedgbeer (09:21)

15% of all net tuition is given to charities around the world.