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Excerpt from the book: Spirit Matters: Down-to-Earth Tools for a Spirited Life Years ago I shared a very small office with my assistant, Dave. Dave would very often begin his day in a foul mood and by 11 a.m. he was cussing and demonstrating his frustration. Dave also claimed to have “irritable bowel syndrome.” (Probably just a coincidence.) During his mornings of imbalance and emotion, his computer also seemed to malfunction, which would only add to Dave’s frustration. The relationship between man and machine would escalate and intensify until the machine eventually won out and would completely crash.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a recorder that doesn’t record the lecture, even though it was tested prior to the event. Then there are the light bulbs, recently replaced, that blow out or the printer that keeps jamming during a hectic deadline. Electrical appliances are sensitive to electrical impulses, sometimes extremely sensitive. When one electrical device is charged and running at a higher than usual frequency, other electrical devices in the vicinity increase their frequency in an attempt to entrain to it or match it.  In other words, like a tuning fork, an electrical device that is vibrating stronger can influence others in close proximity to also vibrate at the same or similar rate.    

This vibratory match also occurs with those electrical devices called people. Have you ever attended a meeting and noticed who dominated the energy and how they did it? If there is one participant who is extremely out of tune with the others and is strongly throwing his opinions and ideas out among the group, some members of the meeting are bound to match him. What begins as a productive meeting quickly escalates into a gripe session or a thick, uncomfortable silence. The participants move from personal balance to imbalance as they match the tuning fork. It’s all energy in motion. Becoming irritated by this strong personality also counts as “matching” because you leave your state of balance. You are affected by his energy and move into a personal state of imbalance.

I was enjoying a dinner at a restaurant in Spokane recently and observed a table of women dining nearby. The six ladies were quite obviously enjoying each other, the conversation and the food. They were well matched with each other and having a great time. They flirted with the waiter, shared food and laughed freely. One woman in particular seemed to have the best stories and jokes and the others were frequently deferring to her. She set the tone of the get-together. As the dinner continued I observed the mood of the party shift. Although I didn’t hear their conversation, the voices became softer and less enthusiastic. The leader was sharing a subject of concern and frustration. She was affecting, like a tuning fork, the other women and they were matching her. The women were now picking at their food, staring off into the distance and frowning more. I would catch occasional words and they changed from eagerness to dissatisfaction, seriousness and grief. Two of the women were even in an emotional debate. The strongest tuning fork was setting the tone for the party and the party shifted energy to match hers. They all stopped having fun.

We are well trained to match or empathize with others. When we are in a charged situation, we either match it (and argue or complain along with them) or we leave the room. Most electrical devices can’t get up and leave the room, so they tend to match the stronger charged electrical device (you) and malfunction in some way. It’s all energy and everything seeks balance. Just like the toaster that only burns the toast when you’re in a hurry and very hungry.

That’s also what Dave’s computer did. It matched his high emotional charge and was simply showing him where he was out of balance in his own electromagnetic field. Dave never understood that fact however, and continued to blame the computer for his frustration. In fact, I later found out he would be complaining about the computer even before he got to work, preparing for disappointment and aggravation, which always arrived quite obediently.

Observing Energy

When an electrical device begins to malfunction in your environment, stop, look and listen. What out of balance and dominant energy source could possibly be causing this effect? Is there a human involved? What condition is the human in? Is he balanced and aligned in his energy field or not? If it’s you that is operating this device, evaluate your alignment and balance. That device is just matching the operator, or the strongest electrical pulse in the environment.

What to do if you discover you are indeed the one out of balance:

  1.  Simply take a break, a nap or a walk. Remove yourself physically from the equipment until you regain your balance and alignment.
  2. If it is inconvenient to distract yourself with some activity that is more enjoyable, you can regain your balance by simply going to the company restroom, and taking a seat. This also works right there at your desk. Just briefly close your eyes and push your chair away or turn it so you create a bit of distance between you and the misbehaving piece of equipment.
  3. Check in with your Grounding Cord. Make sure it is still attached. You could cut off the old one and put down a new one. Give it the command to magnetically attract to it any out of balance energy or attitude that is in your experience now.
  4. Notice the emotion or feelings pulsing through your mind and body. With your imaginary hand, grab a bit of what is racing by and throw it down your Grounding Cord.
  5. Intentionally think about or remember something that feels better. Choose something that has absolutely nothing to do with the current predicament. When you pivot your thought, your mood, energy and resulting experiences also pivot.
  6. Staying in the Center of Your Head, visualize a Grounding Cord attached to the piece of equipment. Command it to release any energy that is out of balance.

I guarantee, if you take these precious few moments, the computer and the rest of your day will unfold with ease

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This is an excerpt from the book: Spirit Matters: Down-to-Earth Tools for a Spirited Life by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett


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