February 2018 Conference | Mastering Alchemy

February 2018 Conference

Level 3 Conference

The Next Steps to Becoming an Evolved Human
Clearing Fear from Earth, Humanity and You

February  23-24-25, 2018
This event is for all Level 3 participants and those who have completed the programs.

We,  and the Elementals, see an opportunity to assist with the evolution of both Earth and the mass human consciousness in significant ways. The Elementals are asking us to gather together for a powerful piece of work.

The specifics from the Teachers of Light and Elementals are still unfolding. 

Here is what we know today:
What you believe and what is real are often two different experiences. Becoming conscious and choosing between the two is now even more necessary for navigating your internal and external Shifting realities. Recognizing the new realms of consciousness that are being made available to you is done with focused intention, tools, improved skills and enhanced awareness.

Humanity will experience a heightened level of fear in the coming months. The Elementals ask us to gather together to neutralize and clear the fear held in the fourth dimensional astral realm, the electromagnetic field surrounding the Earth and your energetic field.

The work we do together will include:
- Working with the Elementals and the Teachers of Light
- Engaging the Higher Self
- Changing the "electron" within the cellular structure of the physical body
- Expanded use of the Eye of Horus
- Expanded use of Light, including the Undifferentiated Light, to Heal yourself

Although much can be accomplished as individuals, much more will be accomplished as a group. There is much excitement in the nonphysical realms about this gathering, the acceleration of growth for each of us as individuals and the raising of the Earth to its original Christed state of consciousness.

On behalf of the Elementals, Archangels, Ascended Masters and ALL of the Great Beings of Light, we request your presence in February for this special and necessary work.


Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside
4875 N. Harbor Drive<
San Diego, CA 92106
Website: www.holinnbayside.com
T: 619-224-3621

Please note: Your first night is non-refundable! 
This means, If you choose to cancel your hotel reservation, your credit card will be charged for one night.

Reduced Group Rate of $129.00 is available through 1/23/18 and is available 3 days pre and 3 days post event.
Online Reservation link: Mastering Alchemy February 2018 Room Reservations
Or call 1(619) 224-3621, ask for reservations (Ext: 701) or call toll free (in USA only), 1(800) 662-8899 and reference MA2

More details will be emailed upon registration.

We have a private Face Book page for connecting with other attendees. Let us know, if you're not already a member, and we'll invite you. Click Here for the Face Book Level 3 Event page.  

$345 US through December 23. (No couples discount)
$375 US after December 23. (No couples discount)

February 22:  Check-In: 5 - 8pm.
Meet and Greet: 5 - 8 pm. (details later). 
February 23:  8 - 9am. Last minute registration and sign-in.

February 23, 24, 25
: 9am - 5pm. One break in morning and afternoon. 90 minute lunch break
Doors open at 8:30 am. Seats saved for helpers >only.

February 24: 7:30 - 9:30pm. Questions and Answers with Jim. Friends and family welcome.

This event is just for YOU. Be "selfish" and join your MA Community for your own fun, learning and upliftment. Friends and family who are not in Level 2 or 3  may join us for the Q & A evening.

We will not video record or live-stream this event. We MAY audio record this however we are determining that now. The work we do together is all in present-time.

Cell phones, cameras and recorders are not allowed during class. If you must have your cell phone on, please do not attend.

Please contact Carol: carol [at] masteringalchemy.com 

A refund of your MA Tuition is available through January 23, 2018 minus a $100 admin fee.
Please email Carol: carol [at] masteringalchemy.com.

 No refunds after January 23, 2018 

The Elementals are calling us!

Price: $345.00