Refund Policy

Your personal evolution is a huge commitment to YOU.
It’s an important decision and investment.

Please explore all the free materials on this website first to make sure this work and play are in resonance with you before you buy anything.

Also please explore our YouTube channel our Facebook page and posts on Instagram to see if this work might meet your goals. We really don’t want you to buy anything and then regret your decision. We know how rotten that feels.

Shipped Materials

There is no refund or return policy for these materials except in cases where the materials themselves are faulty.  If faulty, please email us up to two weeks after the purchase date with a photo included.

Downloaded or Streaming Materials, Subscriptions, and Courses

There is No refund or return policy for these materials.

Our Program Subscriptions.

Foundation, Core, Journey, and Mastery
Because we recognize that signing up for programs represents a big commitment to yourself and your spiritual evolution, we want to make sure these programs truly work for you.

Before you begin, it’s important to know that sometimes we do hit a block or issue, or get stuck in some way. Most times, a conversation with Jim in one of the Live Webinars or Calls is all that is needed to get unstuck and keep moving through the energy toward your goals.

Check-in with others in your online Mastering Alchemy Community before you throw in the towel. You’re not alone here. We’ve ALL been where you are today.

When you opt out of your subscription, your credit card will immediately be removed and you will have access to the material until the end of the current month’s payment period.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from our classes and community for any reason.