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Level 3 Year 1 (MA38)

Level 3 Year 1


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The program is a co-creation between the Archangels, Ascended Masters and you, a physical human. Their purpose is very clear … Human Ascension!

OBSERVATIONS FROM JIM - "How Do I Know These Things?"
The Mastering Alchemy work has evolved over the last many years and has been altered, accelerated and enhanced to meet each expansion of the “Shift of Consciousness.”  Your Level 2 group and the groups before you brought the eighth Ray of Creation and the El Shaddai into stronger geometric configurations. This allows for more of the third dimensional limiting beliefs to now be cleared from your space and humanity.

Everything you've learned to date will be built upon and expanded. Some of what you will experience in Level 3:

  • 50 weekly conversations and instruction with the Archangels and Lords of Light.
  • Work with the second Triad and the Golden Liquid Light
  • Clear the last of the 3D residues held within the lower chakras
  • Clear patterns that don’t let you believe, allow and trust in yourself
  • Experience “Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh” - I AM that I AM
  • Use the Cube for creation
  • Draw awareness from the Universal Mind and the Earth Star
  • Know yourself as the individual expression of the Creator
  • Use the Icosahedron and magnetic fields of the tenth Ray to draw the non-physical to you
  • Utilize sound templates to revitalize the lower four chakras
  • Align the lower four chakras within the Unified Field
  • Using the Five Elements
  • Using the Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Coding
  • Begin to alter the density within your physicality.

The progression of events and experiences provided in this Level 3 adventure are not describable in words. In a most wonderful way, everything we know is transforming and expanding beyond words.

It has become absolutely clear to me that this body of information is not to be learned or memorized but lived. This experience is the stepping-stone to your ascension in the higher dimensions. Roxane, Joan and I invite you to play and share this adventure with us.

The Shift of Consciousness is no longer a future event and it is now occurring through and around you. Because of this, the Level 3 information has been accelerated and is available in your private classroom weekly for 50 weeks. A NEW GROUP OF LEVEL 3 FORMS EVERY THREE MONTHS (Feb., May, Aug., Nov.).

We continue to be aware of your financial well-being. We have chosen not to raise tuition. We hope this makes it as convenient as possible for you to participate.

A COUPLE is considered to be two people in an intimate relationship living within the same household. Please ask about family discounts.
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Included are 9-12 live webinars, exclusive to all Level 2-3 groups.

PLUS-We want to have more personal contact with you as the year unfolds, so we will also schedule live phone calls every 2 months with your group. This will be for answering your specific questions, additional tools and information or just checking in with how you are doing. All calls will be recorded and posted on a private page a few days later.  We will email the link.

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