Level 1: Online Program

Start learning the simple and powerful tools of personal energy management with our Level 1 Program. A Course in Mastering Alchemy is designed to expand your understanding, consciousness and ability to utilize new energy tools—without the inconvenience or expense of travel. The Level 1 Program is entirely self-paced, and consists of 36 lessons featuring online streaming videos as well as supplemental written and audio content.

What You Will Learn in Level 1:

  • Learn tools to quiet the noise and drama in your life
  • Master the art of remaining unaffected by the increasing chaos of the world
  • Dissolve the self-limiting habits and patterns that were imprinted upon you as a child
  • Remember who you are and what you came here to accomplish
  • Unify the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself
  • Create a conscious, intentional connection with your Soul
  • Create and live within your Personal Power Field
  • Discover your role as a Healer, Teacher and Leader
  • Begin to see with your eyes closed

2020 Offering:  Was 125. Now 95.

The Course Includes:

  • Over 18 hours of video
  • Supplemental content as PDFs and MP3s
  • Private Facebook Group just for those in Level 1. Engage with Jim and Roxane! NEW
  • Exclusive Level 1 webinars with Jim and Roxane NEW

Praise from Mastering Alchemy Students:

“I recently joined Level 1. This is exactly what I've been looking for since I was a teenager, although I couldn't identify what ‘that’ was. It's been about wanting to know myself in a deep way and I intuitively knew the answers didn't lie in talk therapy etc.. It was beyond that. This is it”. —CB, Maine

“Mastering Alchemy is so wonderful. I've been looking for it for over 35 years and am thrilled to have found it! I just KNEW something like this was possible, all my life:).” —EC, New York City


Watch Part of the Rose Tool Lesson


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