Mastering Alchemy Level 1 | Expand Your Consciousness

Level 1 offers you new concepts, tools, and ideas to build a solid foundation from which you can begin to live: Balanced, happy, and successful. The more you play, the more you grow. Be curious.

Re-create yourself on your terms. Deepen your connection to your own internal wisdom.

Discover four of the most important tools to help you navigate life with ease!

  • The Rose allows you to distinguish between who-you-are versus who-you-are-not
  • The Higher Mind is the quiet place that allows you to begin to observe without being affected by the noise of the world around you.
  • The Seven Living Words will allow you to create a balanced platform to experience graciousness and happiness as a way of life.
  • The Personal Power Field creates a new operating system, an energetic field to live within making it easier to navigate life.

What’s included in your Level 1 online lifetime access:

  • Guided energy exercises to practice and become grounded
  • 14+ hours of instructional videos and audios, 10 chapters of self-paced instruction
  • Private community to ask questions, share, and connect with other students

On your path of discovery: Remember, realign and rewire yourself.

  • Find and connect to your own personal heart space to recharge and find your smile again.
  • Understand how emotions affect thoughts. This determines how you experience life.
  • Reduce the noise and drama as you learn to navigate from your Higher Mind.
  • Interact more elegantly with others as you begin to define more of your own space.
  • Enhance your innate intuitive abilities.
  • Discover the geometrics of creating your own Personal Power Field.

You’ll start to get bigger and more powerful. That’s who you really are anyway. You can begin to allow your own consciousness to extend into dormant places as you rediscover who you really are and your important purpose. Your smile grows bigger and brighter, amplifying your reach.

Class Outline

Chapter 1 - Beginnings

  • Intention, attention, and understanding the Law of Attraction
  • Feelings, emotions, and thoughts, the differences and how they work together
  • Functions of the lower chakras
  • Becoming more conscious of being unconscious

Chapter 2 - Fundamental Tools

  • Finding the Center of Your Head and how that applies
  • Becoming aware of yourself
  • Understanding grounding
  • Build and upgrade your Grounding Cord
  • Using the Rose to define and create your space

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A Happier You!

This course shows you how to maintain a neutral, happy state regardless of what's going on around you. This is a lot easier after you make your way through the process of removing what is not you, and realizing how much you like yourself without all that noise and drama. You feel good in your own skin, and in the growing inner stillness. How much fun is it to be you!

What Others Have To Say:

“I recently joined Level 1. This is exactly what I've been looking for although I couldn't identify what ‘that’ was. It's been about wanting to know myself in a deep way. This is it. —CB, Maine

“Mastering Alchemy is so wonderful. I've been looking for it for over 35 years and am thrilled to have found it! I just KNEW something like this was possible, all my life :).” —EC, New York City

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Tuition: $145 USD

You'll have immediate access to the class and material upon completing your purchase.