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May 2017 Conference

Level 3 Conference

Redirecting Life on Earth
Being the Creator's Light
May 19-20-21, 2017
This event is for all Level 3 participants and those who have completed the programs.

You sit at the table as equals with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Lords of Light. Together we will hold and radiate the Living Light to alter the Earth and her inhabitants forever.

We, and the Teachers of Light, see an opportunity to assist with the evolution of both Earth and the mass human consciousness in significant ways. The Elementals are asking us to gather and use the fifth element of Love.

The specifics of our time together are still unfolding. As you know and have experienced over our years together, much will occur between now and when we meet. This is a co-creation and YOU are an important part of what will unfold.

On behalf of the Elementals, Archangels, Ascended Masters and ALL of the Great Beings of Light, we request your presence to join us in May for this special work with All That Is.


May 18:  Check-In: 5 - 8pm.
Welcome Party: 5 - 8 pm. (room details later). 
May 19:  8 - 9am. Last minute registration and sign-in.

Class Meets
May 19, 20, 21: 9am - 5pm. One break in morning and afternoon. 90 minute lunch break
Doors open at 8:30 am. Seats saved for staff only.x
Questions and Answers with Jim. Friends and family welcome.
May 20:
7 - 9:00pm.

Crown Plaza Phoenix Airport
4300 East Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Website: Click Here

Lodging -

As of 02/14/17, our room block at the Crowne Plaza has sold out. CLICK HERE for overflow hotel details. This is the Holiday Inn  Hotel & Suites Phoenix Airport North. Please note: Be sure you notice that this is the North hotel as there are two Holiday Inn's near the airport. Reservations must be made by Tuesday, April 18, 2017. And only book online at the 115.00 rate!!! Let me know if the rate is higher, that means our block has filled and I need to ask for more rooms. If you book at a higher rate, those rates are non-refundable.

Call to reserve your room and reference, "Mastering Alchemy." (866) 819-6510 or reserve online: 

Holiday Inn & Suites Phoenix Airport North.

  1. Special Group Rate: $115.00 for a single or double room. $125 for triple and $135 quad occupancy. (Excludes taxes). Our special group rates are good for two days before and two days after the event. Let Carol know if rooms are not available . She may request additional rooms be added to our block. 

WiFi included. Coffee maker and refrigerator are in each room.
Airport Shuttle / Parking 
Airport shuttle and parking are complimentary.

Room-Mates, Travel-Mates, etc.
We have a private, Level 3, Face Book page for connecting with other attendees. Let us know, if you're not already a member, and we'll invite you. Click Here for the FB Level 3 Event page. 

$345 (No couples discount or tuition plan)
This event is ONLY for those who are currently involved or who have completed Level 3. If you are not eligible and accidently enroll, we will immediately refund your tuition, minus the $50 admin fee. Seating is limited so please enroll early.

The cut-off date for a printed name tag is April 30. Please let us know if you plan on registering after the cut-off date and we'll make a bright, shiny name tag for you. Otherwise, a hand written name tag will be given at registration.

Significant Others
If your significant-other, friends or family are not in Level 3, they are not eligible to attend. This event is just for you. Be "selfish" and join your MA Community for your own fun, learning and upliftment. They may join us for the Q & A evening.

Audio and Video
We will not video record or live-stream this event. Audio recording MAY be possible, however we are determining that now. The work we do together is all in present-time. There MAY be a small Mastering Alchemy crew unobtrusively video recording and photographing portions of this event. If you don't want your image used in any way, please contact us.  We will ask you to sign a waiver upon check-in.

Cell phones, cameras and recorders are not allowed during class. If you must have your cell phone on, please do not attend.

Please contact Carol: carol [at]

Full refunds available through April 20, 2017 minus a $50 admin fee. Please email Carol above.  No refunds after April 20, 2017

Price: $345.00