May 2019 Conference (Recordings) | Mastering Alchemy

The Light That Will Create a New Reality
Direct and Expand Your Light and Our Collective's

May 3-4-5, 2019
This conference is exclusive to all who have taken the "Creating From Within All That Is" program.

Enjoy three days of downloadable MP3s, laughter, amazing energy upgrades and absorption.

-- Wow! My experience at the last conference was beyond amazing. Each day since, I've gathered more insights, more lessons, more joy. All is magnified and beautiful. I am so happy. Thank you.  KS, Oregon

-- I AM not the same as before this weekend conference. Yes, I have felt and said that before. Many times in fact! But, this time there is an all knowing and seeing that is very distinct and beyond words. PR, Georgia

-- My gratitude to Jim, Roxane and everyone’s energy for creating new potentials of love to be chosen by those wishing to join us in a beautiful new earth that we have created. Everything for me has changed and I am eternally grateful. SZG, Nevada

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