From the Park Bench - Merging with the Elementals | Mastering Alchemy

The third in the series. You have a spiritual agreement with the Elementals and they with you. Let’s play together to anchor this New Realm.
Prerequisite: From the Park Bench - Building the New Realm.

What the Teachers of Light have planned for us together:

  • Learn about the Fall of Consciousness and your role in it
  • Work and play with the Elementals and the five elements
  • Give back Love to the Elementals
  • Introduction to your Elemental and their unique creative powers
  • Heal the Earth and help her take her next evolutionary step

Also, receive:

  • Four powerful, energy-filled sessions. Approximately one hour each. Plus an extra one the Elementals and Jim added!
  • Recordings are streaming (not downloadable) with lifetime access.
  • Continued access to our private Facebook group to ask questions of Jim and Roxane and share your observations

Session titles:
Fire is Love
The Octave
Eliminating Power-Over
Network Agreement
In-Lightening Your Puzzle Piece

Gratitude after our first session together:
This is so deeply profound, passionately blissful, and true to my core...and beyond! Thank you more than I can express in words for the gift of this astounding knowledge. JB

Tuition: $USD 50.00

Couples Tuition? Please register as two individuals instead of sharing one. Integrity is required in merging with the Elementals. Thank you. (We donate yearly to several non-profits. Your tuition helps us help others.)  Where we donate.

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