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Park Bench Project – A World Service returns!

It’s almost time for us to return to the park bench. We’re at the point in human evolution where a major transformational shift in consciousness is occurring. You can help impact the direction and help others adjust to the changes. While you uplift yourself. More details are on the way, including an email list to sign up. Check back again soon. We’ll continue to make updates here and via our monthly newsletter. Let’s join together again and make a difference.

New Level 1 Live Course

Master the Energy Essentials

Here’s an opportunity to become masterful in the energetic basics. Whether you are new here or an old hand at this, enjoy the 7 audio classes which includes energy exercises and additional resources

It’s not too late to join in for the last 2 LIVE audio class and follow up Q&A. You’ll get all the previous recorded classes.

This course will further increase your ability to show up in any situation centered, grounded, balanced, and aware. Discover concepts, tools and strategies to make navigating this crazy world easier.  $125

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Free online class

Are you feeling it?
The solar flares could be making you emotionally off.

Do you know how to manage and ground the body’s electrical system? Stabilize the nervous system? Manage anxiety, depression, and mood swings? Solar flares are altering the body’s RNA messaging system and activating new DNA (Intentionally). This special class is accessible at no cost and is the first session in the new Level 1 class, Energy Essentials.

Listen in to hear about improving your grounding, balancing the charkas, identifying and upgrading the body’s electrical channels and more and to get a taste of what’s inside Mastering Alchemy and the new Level 1 class. There’s even an extra session in there too for you.

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There is a Shift, a transformation, a really BIG change occurring.

There’s a big shift happening in consciousness worldwide. It’s expanding the possibility for you to step out of the rigid 3D world of fear and anger. Waves of light are streaming in, offering more access to an unfiltered you and an energetic framework of well-being. This ease we set in place is called the Octave. Play in it. Create within it!

Read Jim Self’s book The Shift to find out what we’re moving toward. Download for FREE or purchase on Amazon

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Online courses to set you on a new path

Remember what it felt like to imagine and reach, to play, to fall down in the sandbox? To experience life without the limiting belief systems that shape us as we grow older?

Mastering Alchemy is an interactive series of coursework designed to help you revitalize your inner guidance system, allowing you to live the life you came here to live.

The world is changing all around us — there has never been a better time to start living with intention.

The Course Pathway Start with Foundation

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Are you engaging from hesitation or excitement?

Are you engaging from hesitation or excitement? We hesitate all the time without recognizing it.  It’s simply a habit.  We step back into fear instead of stepping forward with excitement and possibility. It is not uncommon to watch an artist paint something that doesn’t look the way they originally intended.  They could get upset and wrap a magnetic charge around the “mistake”, layering it with all kinds of “why am I awful painter”. Do you?

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