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Build a balanced platform from which to live life
from the smile within your heart.

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Explore Mastering Alchemy and Discover You

Mastering Alchemy is an interactive journey to explore new pathways and build a new internal guidance system. By deepening your connection to your own internal wisdom, thoughts and emotions begin to offer more clarity and choices. Ultimately, this is freedom. In this alignment, you can have what you want. You can smile, laugh, and feel at ease no matter what is sitting in front of you.

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Journey, Level 5

February 7, 5:00PM PST | 8:00PM EST

Level 5: MA44 Last Q&A Call

MA44: Join your last call for Level 5 Q&A call this month with Jim. Bring you questions as we discuss the work you are doing and what you are noticing. Feel free to attend either or both calls 11am or 5pm PST.

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Core Program Courses

Level 1

Building a Foundation

Level 1 offers you new concepts, tools, and ideas to build a solid foundation from which you can begin to live: Balanced, happy, and successful. The more you play, the more you grow. Be curious.

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Level 1 - Mastering Alchemy

Level 2

Letting Go of Who You Are Not

Level 2 is designed and taught with the assistance and guidance of the Teachers of Light. Their intention is to expand your understanding, your consciousness and your ability to utilize the new energy tools on the path toward building your Living Lightbody.

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Level 2 - Mastering Alchemy

Level 3, 4, 5 and Beyond

Explore More Levels

The journey continues with three more levels and graduate classes. Bring your curiosity and explore where a new life path could lead you. There is so much more instore as you work toward building the happiest and centered version of you.

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Level 3 - Mastering Alchemy

What Is Mastering Alchemy?

Mastering Alchemy is about building a stable, balanced platform from which to enjoy living life in a whole new way.

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What Does Mastering Alchemy Mean?

You’re Important.

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