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The engagement doesn’t end with the Classes/Events listed below!
Visit our Discord for a growing roster of community events and topic-focused conversations on everything from astrology to the wisdom of animals, AI art classes and more. Join us! Our work is all about community, and you make our community work!

Core, Foundation, Journey, Mastery

September 23, 9:00AM PDT | 12:00PM EDT

The Great Town Hall Community Conversation

Join the whole Mastering Alchemy community in our Town Hall call.  We'll cover some of the latest news, changes, and upcoming events for the next month.  And of course, time for great conversation to say hello and hear from you!


September 23, 11:00AM PDT | 2:00PM EDT

The Shift Update – This Fall Equinox | Livestream

This opening of Light has brought in an expansion of Consciousness expressing itself as new aspects of Intelligence, Knowledge, and Wisdom. This Intelligence will provide an awareness of "Who You Are” as ONE with all of humanity.

Core, Journey, Mastery

September 28, 5:00PM PDT | 8:00PM EDT

Deep Dive Live Series: The Rays of Creation – A deeper remembering. Part 2 of 3.

Expanding your understanding of the Rays within the Octave will allow your creations to unfold much more gracefully. This three-part monthly series will help prepare us for the October conference.