Alchemy is the process of transformation, changing one thing into another.

Our Mission

Cultivating curiosity, enrichment and joy through expanding consciousness

Mastering Alchemy is an online course covering a set of concepts and tools to help you to discover new pathways to wellbeing. We seek to help people create sustained happiness for themselves by moving with greater ease through the rockiness of a transitioning world.

Our classes and core program are designed to help individuals creatively shift their thoughts and emotions into a balanced platform of wellbeing from which to live. It sets up a new empowering internal guidance system which enables greater change in life. This is alchemy at work, aligning the heart and centering the mind. It’s changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter, and applying the elements of Love to create.

Explore and Discover

  • A new pathway for growing your conscious awareness, based on neutral spiritual principles. Simply, it is living from your heart and feeling happy.
  • Real-world, practical application of simple tools and concepts. You can do this on the fly after you know how.
  • Engage our community for support and connections. Opportunities there are 1 to 1 and global.
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The dynamic part of Mastering Alchemy is You.

Whatever is about us, is about you too.  We’re all growing and building together in this ever-evolving community. Each new participant impacts the overall exponential growth of everyone in Mastering Alchemy. You affect the whole. When you add your energy, it expands however you choose to join in. This creates unique ways to impact each other and grow.  It flows through the larger community, creating fun opportunities for engagement, learning, and growth for all.

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Guiding Values

The important values that hold us together.

  • We value your sovereign integrity. We offer ideas; you decide what works for you.
  • Curiosity: We’re serious about having fun exploring.
  • We love celebrating successes and diversity because that’s what supports Respect as the common ground for interaction in all of our relationships with self, others, and the world at large.

Our History

Mastering Alchemy evolved from an internal moment of quietness.

A conversation in the mind … a thought.

“There Is So Much More. It is Time to GO Home. There are many paths, however, this path has never been walked before. This is a path for humanity to return Home”.

Realigning, Recreating, Remembering who you are. A pathway tens of thousands have now journeyed.

The Mastering Alchemy Team

Jim Self

Jim Self has been leading for years. At 24 he was elected to two terms as Vice Mayor of San Jose. He was then asked by the President of the US to be the Director of Governmental Affairs for the Department of Energy. He has built, grown and sold three successful corporations.

With a foot in two worlds, Jim grew up clairvoyant, very intuitive and often invalidated by others, like so many sensitive, spiritual aware humans (you?). Guided by the internal wisdom of the Heart, he’s been asked to bring a Pathway into existence in the form of Mastering Alchemy. Not a Pathway of “Truth” but a pathway of Choice. This path has been co-created with Ascended Masters and the Archangelic realm and has assisted tens of thousands to begin to Know themselves and why they came here.

Jim’s deeper insights and clear wisdom have created a solid rail for many to explore and discover their own individual paths of choice, happiness and wellbeing; and to enjoy themselves.

Jim Self standing on a forest path - Mastering Alchemy


Roxane Burnett

Roxane Burnett creates a balanced place for others to have fun – namely, Jim, and the rest of us! “When I took this body, I could remember where I came from. Home. And what I experienced here was Not That! So I was on a mission to find Home, here in my life. Backpacked alone from London to Katmandu. Lived in a Kibbutz. Explored intentional communities in the US. Lived in Haight-Ashbury. Finally resigned myself to the fact that what I remembered didn’t exist here. Then I stumbled into Jim and discovered I had it all along: Within me. Dorothy was right, “There’s no place like Home.” “

Roxane Burnett smiling and standing on a forest path - Mastering Alchemy
Vida Clement
Chief Happy Officer
Gabriella Franz
Clever Creator
Mastering Alchemy is about building a stable, balanced platform from which to enjoy living life in a whole new way.

A.J. Canada