BETA Mentor Program

Respond by April 5, 2024

We’re putting together something new for your community

Consciousness is expanding and so is Mastering Alchemy. We have a special opportunity within our community to increase our own skill and understanding while assisting those just getting started on their journey, or even those who have been at it for a while. 100% for you, 100% for others. It’s the beginning of something new, a mentor program to help hold the door open.

Mentoring is

Mentoring is about participating in the community sharing your unique experiences and style of how you live and apply the concepts and tools of Mastering Alchemy. This includes offering encouragement and discovering new questions and perceptions together. Helping others to be able to ask expanded questions, to see the picture behind the picture, and to gain confidence in the answers they receive for themselves.

Mentors can help anyone from L1 to L5 as they feel comfortable; however, the focus is on Levels 1 and 2.

Mentoring is not

Mentoring is not teaching or coaching. It is pointing to videos/material for clarity, sharing additional perspectives and explaining concepts in multiple ways. It’s asking the mentee good questions that allow them to discover their own answers.

It can be done as much or as little as you have availability. It’s an opportunity to practice and develop your own mastery while serving others. 100% for you and 100% in service.

In appreciation of your contributions of time, energy, and expertise to the community, we will recognize you on our website with a small bio and link for people to learn more about you (optional).

As a mentor you can

  • Host group calls for members to ask questions or discuss core concepts and topics such as how to use/incorporate them into life. (experiments! homework!)
  • Hold a special role in our two online communities; Discord and the classroom community, to answer questions in a special mentor’s channel.
  • Be listed on a webpage with a short paragraph about you and link if desired.

This list of ideas is intended to evolve as the program continues to develop.  Any special ideas or unique pieces that you would like to share, we would love to hear.  Please reach out via email to so we can talk about what’s possible..

Program Requirements

  • Completed Level 5 and the Energy Essentials – Level 1 This will be done simultaneously in the beginning and you will be given access to the class.
  • Have or get an account to be a member on Discord.  It’s currently the easiest form of communication in this first beta version.
  • Attend a quarterly call with fellow mentors, in a council, to discuss any challenges or to gain helpful tips. If you cannot make the calls, you can communicate via the private mentor Discord channel any updates you want to share. Please check weekly updates and notices.
  • Complete a quick check-in survey twice a year to confirm you would like to continue as a mentor.

To get started as a mentor

It’s important you attend both of the scheduled calls at this time.  If you can not, please wait to apply when we open this program again.

Calls will most likely be an hour and a half long.

  • Attend the Energy Essentials – Level 1 class or be current on the recordings prior to our group calls.
  • Attend a mentoring call April 22, 11am PST with Jim and fellow mentors to discuss what was taught in that series. In the call we will cover:
    • Practice in breakout groups with other mentors and share how we can explain a concept such as the Rose, demonstrate the words, set your grounding cord, etc. and get feedback.
    • Discuss how you share MA concepts as an experience/energy, not an intellectual concept.
    • Discuss the pillars of self-empowerment; permission to explore, experiment, question.
  • Attend a second mentoring call May 2, 11am PST, in peer-to-peer groups answering common student questions such as:
    • I am stuck on the Rose, I can’t see it.
    • I am not feeling anything.
    • How do I incorporate the work into my life?
  • A third meeting may or may not be added to cover any additional items, such as how best to facilitate conversations and be an MA mentor.   We’ll review a final agreement list of conduct standards and cover any questions.
  • Sign your agreement and communicate with MA about when you would like to start and any calls that you would like to host.

If this is for you…

Please send an email to no later than April 5. 
If this timing doesn’t for you, no problem.  We’ll be opening this up again in the future. 
You are always right on time.

And remember, this is a beta program, a co-creation.
We’re just testing this out together!

Feel free to email us if you have further questions.