Getting Started

Every journey begins with curiosity, moving one step forward again and again.

The Journey Begins With Level 1

Explore Mastering Alchemy – Discover You

Journey inward on a pathway to wellbeing and opportunity.

Mastering Alchemy’s online courses offer a pathway to explore new perspectives to expand the possibilities available for how you experience and create your life. Journey at your own pace through 5 levels of coursework, specialized topic courses, and live classes. Join the supportive community to help the world transition into wellbeing as you do the same for yourself.

This is your world. How do you want to experience it?

Not another meditation or self-help program

This isn’t like any previous learning experience.

This is a living, breathing, interactive choose-your-own-adventure. Yes, you’ll explore new concepts and instruction, but in your own way at your own pace.  This is a personal experiment rather than a mental study. It’s something you absorb, feel and try out.

What might be possible?

Find greater choices, possibilities and freedom as you deepen your connection to your own thoughts, emotions and internal wisdom. In this alignment, you can have what you want. You can smile, laugh, and feel at ease no matter what’s sitting in front of you. It’s living life on your terms, regardless of what is happening in the external world.

  • Build a new platform of wellbeing and experience a life of new choices.
  • Take a closer look at how you create your life, and why you choose what you choose.
  • Recognize whose life you’re living, whose thoughts you think and whose beliefs guide you. They may not be yours.
  • Apply simple tools and methods to navigate difficult life circumstances more easily.
  • Increase your conscious awareness of your internal and external world.
  • Discover how to uncover the blind spots that keep you from moving forward.
  • Improve your ability to stay out of overwhelm when the energy of others pushes on you.
  • Become more aware of your own intuitive abilities and how to use them.
  • Find a supportive, online community of fellow explorers becoming masterful.
  • Have fun! This work is meant to be played with and explored. You can’t do it wrong! That’s not possible.

Monthly Or Yearly

Your Subscription Includes:

Methods, Exercises  and Applications
40+ hours of instructional videos and audios within four uniquely focused, self-paced classrooms.

Live Monthly Webinars
Current, in-depth conversations and energy exercises to further your expanding understanding and mastery.

Private Community
Connect with fellow adventurers in a private community to ask questions and share experiences.

Explore Subscriptions & Classes
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It’s like making lemonade with ease
when the world around you is tossing you lemons.

Main Program Course

Moving Along the Pathway

Every level gives you access to additional focused topic courses and live monthly classes that beautifully compliment and expand on what you’re experiencing in the programs.

What are the programs?

Level 1 – Building New Foundations
This first program begins with the Foundation subscription and will help you build a stable and balanced platform where you choose how you wish to experience yourself. Here, you can align your energy system and view the world from a new perspective without fear, anxiety, or uncertainty. Recognize much of what you thought was yours, is not. Start to reconnect to the intuitive abilities that you had as a child. You will begin to think from the heart rather than the rational mind.

Level 2 – Letting You Go of Who You Are Not
Stepping into the Core subscription in this next class, it’s time to clean out the backpack you’ve been carrying full of everyone else’s truths, beliefs and energy! Further develop your energetic system as you remove everything that is not yours. Feeling lighter helps you begin to operate from a place of being in the world, but not of it. Here you alter the chakra system, rewiring and realigning yourself within the heart.

Level 3 – Rewiring, Realigning and Remembering You
You will deepen your exhale in the Journey subscription. Now that you’ve let go of who you are not, there is much more to who you are than you ever imagined. You begin to form relationships with your Higher Self, the Teachers of Light and your inner guidance.  Remember what you came here to accomplish. You simply experience peace, ease and enjoyment no matter what the world out there thinks.

Level 4 – Connecting Into All That Is
Here you begin to enhance your energetic system as you continue to build your Lightbody.  You will find your smile broaden, and knowingness deepen as you create a daily experience of life that you probably thought was beyond your reach. New awarenesses, talents and skills emerge as the separation between you and the greater parts of your Self dissolves.  You’re the driver and All That Is is your co-pilot.

Level 5 – Establishing the Lightbody
Your expansion builds now to integrate the seven layers of the Lightbody. As this takes place, you will notice more compelling choices beyond what you’ve previously known. You’re masterful in your engagements, improving your relationships. The new mystery becomes, ‘What do I really want?’ You can now tap into the field of all possibilities.

Completing Level 5 is really the beginning, not the ending. As a graduate you begin to play in the Mastery subscription.   You have a joy-full adventure while you expand and customize your new higher-dimensional operating system.

Private Community
On every step of this path, you’ll get to ask questions, share experiences and just plain have fun!

Begin Exploring

What will you ultimately find?

That’s up to you. This journey is a choose-your-own-adventure. It’s not possible do it wrong. This is a playground to explore and experiment. Try it out and see.

Explore and peel back the layers of who you are not. Discover you. No shame, no pain, no fear. Just your own creativity and the passion of who you really are.

You’re big. You’re significant. You have much to contribute to humanity and Earth.

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Support along the way

Changing, Choosing and Smiling Together

Along your journey, we have lots of opportunities for help if you get stuck.

  • Ask your friends in the learning community: What are they experiencing or noticing? What ideas do they have?  Or simply just say hello and share a smile!
  • Ask the mentors in the community.  Mentors are volunteers who have completed the course work and can share their experiences and insights with you.
  • In Level 2, you have the opportunity to gather in small groups of 4 or 5 to share experiences and complete homework together.  These small groups are a chance to safely reflect and exhale.  Many groups stay life-long friends.
  • Ask Jim Self a question in any of the live Q&A monthly calls.
  • Visit our website. It’s an ever-growing resource for defining these new concepts further. You’ll find question-and-answer audios, short videos, stand-alone tools, and more.
  • Send us an email! Your experience is what Mastering Alchemy is all about, and we want to hear from you. What suggestions do you have? What would you like to share? You are an important part of us!

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You’re an important part of Mastering Alchemy.

Every one of us moving through this journey contributes to the greater whole of the Mastering Alchemy community. We each leave behind gems for those stepping on the stones behind us.  You have an important puzzle piece to fulfill. Mastering Alchemy can help you discover it.

You’re an important part of the world. Come play!

This journey is 100% for you and 100% for others. As you live from the joy and love of who you really are, your own light shines brighter.  You become the example to the chaotic outside world that it is possible for them to find balance too.  You have greater compassion and understanding, which flows through your relationships to your loved ones, community and into the external world. You make a difference in the lives of others. 100% for you, and 100% for them, ends the zero-sum game. No compromises, everyone wins.

Another Path

For many years I didn’t seem to know what I actually wanted. Once I started using the Rose tool to clear others out of my space, I had clarity about what I wanted. Not much happened. Then I became aware that I couldn’t have what I wanted. Once I cleared that out, what I wanted arrived rapidly, effortlessly – even playfully! Happy and grateful for MA and these amazing tools!

Sally, U.S.

By changing the frequency of thought and altering the harmonics of matter, you can then apply the element of Love to create your desired results.

A different Box

There’s Another Choice

Additional Videos