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Build a balanced platform and strong internal guidance system to navigate life on your terms.

Explore Mastering Alchemy. Discover You.

Mastering Alchemy is an interactive journey where you can explore and build a new internal guidance system for yourself.  By deepening your connection to your own internal wisdom, thoughts and emotions begin to offer more clarity and choices. Ultimately freedom. In this alignment, you can have what you want. You can smile, laugh, and feel at ease no matter what is sitting in front of you. It’s living life on your terms. 

It’s like making lemonade with ease when the world around you is tossing you lemons. 

Mastering Alchemy is a personal transformation. 

By changing the frequency of thought and altering the harmonics of matter, you can then apply the element of Love to create your desired results.  

Our online self-paced classes and courses offer concepts, tools, and practical applications to help you build a balanced platform where you become centered and calm, even if the outside world is chaotic.  It’s within this new definition of your space, that you learn what belongs to you and what doesn’t.  The result is a greater understanding of your relationship with your world, your community, and your loved ones.  You begin to find clarity and balance, 100% for you, and 100% for them, ending the zero-sum game. No compromises, everyone wins. 

Mastering Alchemy was built just for you. 

This journey is a choose-your-own-adventure.  You can’t do it wrong.  It’s a playground with webinars, questions and answers, live classes, and more.  Come enjoy a community and explore as you meet new friends and helpful mentors along the way.   

You hold a unique important puzzle piece.  

If you feel both the pressure of time in a world speeding up and the desire to help make this world a better place, Mastering Alchemy can show you how to discover and fit in your own puzzle piece.  

As you live from the joy and love of who you really are, your own light shines brighter.  By offering it to others you invite them to shine too. 

Your Journey begins: Where to start to explore? 
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Dive into Level One

Level 1 is a self-paced online class of videos and audio recordings.  12+ hours of information to help you build a stable and balanced platform where you operate with greater ease.  Here, you can align your energy system and start to reconnect to the abilities that came naturally to you as a child.  Your sense of definition sharpens as you begin to discern what is and is not yours. 

Level 2 is about creating big changes for yourself.  It’s time to clean out the backpack you’ve been carrying full of everyone else’s truths, beliefs, and energy! Each week, new audio and pdf files are available to further develop your energetic system as you remove everything that is not yours. As you listen, over the course of the 36 weeks, you will feel lighter as you begin to operate from a place of being in the world, but not of it.  You will also have the opportunity to enjoy learning and sharing with other classmates in a small group setting.  These amazing groups even outlast the program as lifelong friends are made.

Level 3 is where you get quieter inside in this 52-week course. There’s a deeper exhale here. Assumptions continue to fall away, revealing a truer identity as you move into this new format of simply experiencing peace and a simpler enjoyment of yourself and your own unique choices.  Your own grounding keeps you steady. Your observation platform provides a buffer of safety to choose what you really want. Reaction is moving out of your operating system and your own choices become the driver.  

Level 3-Year 2 is a place where you suddenly find yourself deliciously happy. Things seem to work out for you and you may not even know why. Smile. You can understand this as using a new operating system to create a daily experience of life that you probably thought was beyond your reach. New talents and skills emerge as the separation between you and the greater parts of your Self dissolves. 

Level 3-Year 3 is where you discover more compelling choices beyond the pre-made selections you’ve previously been offered.  You become masterful in your engagement of these new operating skills, improving your relationships with others. Your new mystery becomes ‘What do I really want?’, from an elevated field of all possibilities that you can now tap into. Choice again expands, at a higher level of empowerment.  

Graduate Classes As a graduate, there are more classes to take and a new community opens for you, filled with others who have journeyed along this path before and after you. We cannot promise that you will walk through walls or levitate, unless that’s a hidden talent of yours. 

On the journey, what will you ultimately find? That’s up to you to discover.  

We can promise that as you explore and peel back the layers of who you are not, the chance to discover this part of you will be right there:  The You that is tantalizingly unique. No shame, no pain, no obligations to others. Complete inner freedom.  No guilt, anxiety, or constant quiet despair. Nothing compromised or rewritten in order to fit in.  

Just your own creativity, and the love and passion that you are.  

Your life will be different, most likely in ways you cannot put into words. But in terms of feelings, you’re simply happy…and more.  The spiraling pattern of growth continues and the end becomes a new beginning at a higher level as you expand and utilize all you have moved through. The only limit is your imagination, now reclaimed and ready for you to enjoy in creating what you want.  

Support along the way.  

You don’t have to go it alone. You choose how much and what form works for you.  

  • Coming soon! Engage in community with fellow adventurers, mentors, and friends. Talk to other people who are going through the same thing you are here through chats.  Join the book club discussion, or simply catch up with blog posts and share your perspective. 
  • Private Groups begin in Level 2, where a special community with fellow adventurers becomes available to discuss more intimately what you are learning, sharing experiences.  These are small, private groups where you get a chance to safely reflect and exhale. It’s a great chance to simply talk to a human or post in a chat for insight in the middle of the night if you need it!  Many groups become life-long friends and stay together beyond the courses. 
  • Our in-depth website is always running in the background in your panorama of support, filled with resources to further define these new concepts. You’ll find question and answer audios, short videos, stand-alone tools, and more.
  • Reach out to us! Your experience is what Mastering Alchemy is all about, and we want to hear from you. What do you want to know? What’s happening inside of You?