Mentor Guideline

What is a mentor?

A mentor is in the oxford dictionary is “an experienced and trusted adviser:”. In Mastering Alchemy, each person is working to become this for themselves.

A mentor is about assisting others through exploration, discovery and expansion, ultimately finding self-empowerment. It’s about exploring questions, so they can find what they seek for themselves. Answers aren’t important here, but the questions that lead there. Mastering Alchemy isn’t something to know, but to experience.

Ways to mentor within the community

  • Exploring questions and ideas together.

  • Explore together to find the question behind the question. What is it they are really asking or looking at?

  • Sharing your experiences or others to show the diversity of possibilities.

  • Sharing how you integrate, live and apply the concepts and tools of Mastering Alchemy.

  • Offer encouragement to gain confidence in their own experience and understandings.

100% for you, 100% for others

Mentoring is not

Mentoring is not teaching. It is about pointing to videos/material for clarity, sharing additional perspectives and explaining concepts in multiple ways. It’s asking the mentee good questions that allow them to discover their own answers.

Mentoring is not coaching. Coaching is one-on-one dedicated time to an individual. If you are a coach, you can certainly offer this. Our intention is for you just to be a helpful signpost on the path, not their GPS.

Mentoring is not a ‘job’. It can be done as much or as little as you have availability. It’s an opportunity to practice and develop your own mastery while serving others. 100% for you and 100% in service.

You’ll come across questions, you never asked for you. You’ll find triggers you never knew you had. You might surprise yourself demonstrating the energy or tools as you speak/share. New awarenesses or ideas as you answer. You’ll find distortions and people out of balance to practice navigating in respect while maintaining seniority. What is the best way to help, or not. And you’ll get to say oops, as you work into greater mastery. It’s all about you.

Questions for you to consider as you engage with them

What are they really asking? What’s the picture behind the picture?

Where or what are they putting their attention on? How are they managing their attention point?

How can I best help them to discover what they are seeking for themselves? ex. “What is the tool you are using to deal with this?” “What do you think or how is it possible?”

How can I move them to a new attention point, getting them out of their filter? ex. “I have a friend…”

How can I encourage their curiosity?

How can I encourage them to self-empower?

Is there another question, that would expand them further? ex. “Have you considered this?” “Yes, and”

Is this a collaboration?

Am I offering advice or an answer vs exploration?

Is my reply simple and delivered in a way they might be able to hear it?

How can I encourage them to participate in community group/calls?

How can I bring in/out more of who they are?

Questions for yourself to consider

Is this 100% for me and them? Not falling into the need to help or ‘hero’ trap.

Is this a question I even need to answer? It’s OK, and good to say I don’t have an answer for you.

Are you keeping your questions focused to MA ones? You’ll see random or left field questions, to pass on.

What in this is meaningful for me?

Do you have your boundaries of engagement set? What are those for you?

Am I not giving any relationship advice or anything medical?

Am I neutral about the question? Or did I get triggered?

Am I judging or enabling them? (co-dependent)

How can I be sharing my own light and experiences, in my own unique way?

Additional Guidelines

Multiple mentors can answer a single question from a student.

Mentors can offer up questions in the communities to create good discussions among members.

Mentors should keep the questions they reply to being those focused on Mastering Alchemy. Please leave the rest.

Use the resources! Reference back to the coursework always where possible. The website has great resources you can search and share. YouTube as well. And if you don’t see what you need, PLEASE ASK! Maybe its something we should create for everyone. Additionally, don’t forget to ask your fellow mentors on Discord.

Mentors may repost any publicly posted quotes or social content Mastering Alchemy produces on their own social networks, websites and media as long as it is attributed to Mastering Alchemy including the logo. All content contained within the coursework is considered private and may not be shared.

If you would like to host a mentor group call for members to ask questions, discuss core concepts or tools such as how to use/incorporate them into life, please let us know. (experiments! homework!) Send us an email to so we can coordinate.

Program requirements

Completed Level 5 and the Energy Essentials – Level 1

Have or get an account to be a member on Discord.

Attend a quarterly call with fellow mentors, in a council, to discuss any challenges or to gain helpful tips. If you cannot make the calls, you can communicate via the private mentor Discord channel any updates you want to share. Please check weekly updates and notices.

Complete a quick check-in survey twice a year to confirm you would like to continue as a mentor.

Mentors can help anyone from L1 to L5 as you feel comfortable; however, the focus is to assist those in Levels 1 and 2.

Additional Info

We would like to list you on a page on our website. Please send a picture, short paragraph about yourself (no more than 100 words), and a link if you would like people to be able to reach you to

And we always like feedback! Please also send to