The incredible power of daydreaming  

How many of you were told to ‘quit daydreaming’ as a child? Those who felt they were tasked with taking care of us as children (and potentially still in our current lives), might have felt threatened by our dreams and imagination. They wanted to keep us safe. Imagination is about possibility. Possibility is a vast horizon of what-ifs. It’s hard to protect people from what-ifs.

But…what if …daydreams can be a source of power, strength and even, in fact, protection?

Breaking down barriers

Consider daydreaming and imagination as proactive tools for self-preservation. Daydreaming and imagination can help you refocus your perspective on the circumstances in which you find yourself. Imagination gives you a choice of how to operate in those circumstances.

The key is to set your intention…how do you want to feel? Find an emotional and energetic landing point, then…and here’s the fun part…imagine it. In detail. Don’t hold back. Do you wish a cat was in your lap? Do you wish you could feel the breeze you felt once on a hike?

Can you taste the blackberries you picked by the side of the road fifteen years ago and feel the seeds in your teeth? What will your feet feel like on the ground? Will there be a fragrance in the air? Will you feel heavy or light? Have you felt this way before…return to that feeling and amplify it.

Some people call it ‘going to your happy place.’ Sure, whatever works to get you in that energy of owning your reactions, owning your experience. That place of seniority over your life.

Your daydreams have a ripple effect

When you practice using your imagination, you’re feeding yourself and the collective human imagination at the same time. It’s just like tossing a pebble into a pond. You are actually offering up your dreams into the shared unconscious reservoir, so that someone else who has the capability to put these ideas into action can take one and run with it. Think of it as a relay. Dream your impossible dreams and pass the baton just by enjoying them in your heart.

Reset your imagination with intention

We know — that first step can be a doozy

If you are in a dark place emotionally, reaching toward that light isn’t always as easy as one might like it to be. Those of us on paths of growth may experience the same uneasiness and pain we experienced when our physical bodies were growing or changing. Many times the intensity of the change is the trigger that pushes us to find new ways of healing. The initial focus of Mastering Alchemy courses is to help you move out of those inner and external places of imbalance or even pain. Breathing the fresh air of change is a welcome shift, no matter where you start. We can get there together.

It’s okay to start small; it’s also okay to dive into an endless realm of possibility. Whatever works to get you on that path to remembering who you are, recalling your power and reclaiming your experience.

Explore further this idea of choosing the action that supports your intention. This will help support your skill in wielding your daydreams and imagination.

Enjoy these additional resources.

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Images are AI generated with prompts crafted by artist Jan C. McLarty, fellow Mastering Alchemy member.

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