Core, Foundation, Journey, Mastery

October 12, 5:00PM PDT | 8:00PM EDT

Building a Pathway Home Live Series: Can I change my story?

What if the story you have created for yourself is not the story that actually occurred? Can I choose a different story? What if the story is simply in the way of who you Are?

Foundation, Level 1

October 21, 11:00AM PDT | 2:00PM EDT

Level 1 Live Class: Do you know where you are?

What if you’re not living the life you came to live? Would you like to build that dependable platform to always know where you are?

Core, Foundation

October 13, 9:00AM PDT | 12:00PM EDT

Foundation and Core Community Conversation

Join in the Foundation and Core member community conversation! Come share your experiences and connect with other members working in Core courses. We are excited to spend time with you!

9am PDT | 12pm EDT 4pm PDT | 7pm EDT