11 tricks for an easier transition

The primary objective of any transition (whether it’s a deliberate transition or one that steps into your life) is to accomplish your goal with as little stress and emotional, mental or physical upheaval as possible.

The secondary objective is to leverage it in order to become a better, more whole, mature and masterful person.

Career change? Re-entering the job market? Recovering from a loss? Moving your office or home?

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Regardless of what your transition is, these key strategies will make it easier:

Plan for Success

Begin the Process Early

1. Waiting to plan the move a week before you’re to be out of the office will probably cause a bit of stress and overwhelm, and increase the likelihood of forgetting important steps. If you forget to change addresses, missed credit card payments are not fun.

2. Deliberately create a plan for success and well-being. Write it down. Most of us resist this step. Writing it all down makes the plan and the process more tangible and actually begins the energetic momentum forward. Trying to keep all the details in your mind is a way to reach overwhelm quickly.

3. Answer these key questions

  • What must I have? Be thorough and specific (quiet office, 400 square feet, sunlight, nearby bathroom, cleaning service, wifi, friendly co-workers…)
  • What can I live without?
  • What must I avoid? Be very picky – this is your life after all. (piped music, carpet, back yard, Friday pizza party, old-school boss, dress code…)
  • What must be done Before, During and After Transition Day (T-Day)? Keep your time separated into these three categories. Most of us (especially women) tend to lump time into one moment (now!) and get overwhelmed with the items to be accomplished. Chunk it down to small, do-able pieces and place them in the appropriate time slot. This will also allow for more successful multitasking and clarity of vision.
  • Who can help me? List your resources. You do have resources – really you do. Don’t be logical. List everyone and everything that comes to mind. There is no right or wrong here – just possibilities. The universe and all her teams are waiting, willing and able to jump to your command

This transition may not have been your idea but you believe the Law of Attraction and you have a choice. 

4. Review and update lists daily. This will keep your tasks fresh in your mind and checking things off regularly will help you stay aware of your successes and progress. It feels great to see how much you’ve accomplished. Check off each item with enthusiasm.

5. Ask for help. Having a list of resources (above) may be easy. Asking them for help may not be. Even if you don’t have three strong teenage boys to lift and drive or friends to help clean, there is someone you can ask to do something. Next to each item on your to-do list, add the resource that might help. Also, unless you’ve been working out consistently and have a strong back, it will help to find someone who does.

6. Stay on track with your present lifestyle. If you didn’t drink coffee before T-day – don’t begin during the process. Keep taking your vitamins. Go to bed at your regular time. If you meditate now – continue to do so. If you work out now – keep it up during and after the move. Make these things a requirement. Doing so will allow you to complete this transition in a much happier frame of mind and body. It will – I promise!

7. Things will cost more than you expect. Transferring the internet – $159! It doesn’t make sense, but you can choose to fight, moan, groan and resist, or choose to pay in installments and stay in gratitude for wifi. See this as a chance to release your poverty beliefs and Have more in your life.

8. Purge your stuff. Material and non-material. Use this opportunity to release the Old and welcome in the New. Anything you haven’t worn, read or touched in the last two years probably doesn’t need to be dragged along.

9. Lighten your emotional, mental, and spiritual load as well. Use the Mastering Alchemy energy tools to clear and balance your space. Check out the free tools and Level 1. Simple, practical, easy to follow tools. And you can even use them with your eyes open. Meditation optional.

10. Give to yourself. Walks, films, massage, a facial, dining out, phone calls to supportive people. This isn’t an easy thing you are doing. Schedule in time to nurture yourself. Every aspect of you will be happier and healthier and more productive if you do. It doesn’t have to cost a great deal of money to treat yourself nicely. A walk on the beach is a lovely healing. Curling up with the dog is medicinal (just ask the dog).

11. Leave the space better than you found it. Whether a cubicle, an 11,000 square foot home or a relationship, the masterful person will completely remove her items, dust, smudges, and her energy from the space. This allows all of what you possess to move forward with you. Leave no part of yourself behind.

This is an amazing time to have a body. What an incredible time to be alive and awake. Sure, this transition may not have been your idea but you believe the Law of Attraction and you have a choice. Will you be the master of this transition, or will it control you? You choose.

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