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Your Friends In Transition

“I am in Level 1 and love it and everything that I am learning with you. I’ve been applying your tools and information in my daily life, and I need some help with something. I have two devout religious friends who don’t understand who I am anymore. I love them dearly and respect their paths. I’ve never spoken to them about my spiritual direction and beliefs. I mind my own business and don’t want to challenge them.

Well, my friends saw a post I made on the Mastering Alchemy Facebook page. They checked further and discovered I believe in reincarnation. I say “checked further” because my post was about crystal jewelry not about Spirit at all. They now want to have what they call an “intervention” and they say I am going to hell.

They’re starting a personal war with me and I don’t want that. Everything I say is met with “That’s not true because it is not in the Bible.” I love my friends and want a relationship, do you think this is possible? If yes, how?”


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 This is a wonderful validation of the personal work you’re doing even though it may not feel that way.

Something To Consider

Your question and situation is a wonderful validation of the personal work you’re doing. I know it may not feel that way. In fact, it may feel pretty ugly. I hope what I say here helps a bit.

Your truth is your truth and your friends’ truths are theirs. The Bible is where they find their beliefs and guidance, and they are trying very hard to make their truth yours (they had to work hard to connect crystals to reincarnation). You have learned to trust your own inner guidance system, vibrate at Happy, and choose the high road. You’re all about getting whole and fulfilling your purpose. You say you’ve been respecting them and their path. Are they respecting you and yours?

You say you have been “minding your own business.” Great! Are they minding their own business? Going to “hell” is a very real possibility in your friends’ reality. Is it in yours?

They are creating a personal “war” with you. The only way a personal conflict continues is if both sides agree to play the game. Are you changing your vibration to match theirs, defending yourself, and trying to get them to see your side of the situation? Is that working? Are they indeed opening up to greater possibilities? It doesn’t look that way to me.

I can tell you’re a very caring person, Amy. As we all step up and become who we came here to be, we sometimes lose our old friends along the way. We also lose family members. Not as though *poof* they’re gone, but they begin to not be able to relate to you and you can’t relate to them as much. You begin to drift away from each other. Unfortunately, some friends and family members are very well invested in you staying small (limited and controllable), and they put up quite a fuss when they see you getting brighter and bigger and more certain. Many people must cling to the box they have created and are threatened by change. You’re changing and your friends’ reaction proves how far from that box you are. Good job.


When someone tells you, “You have a funny nose,” say “thank you very much” and be about your own business. What they think about you is none of your business. Your business is about your business (releasing your baggage and becoming bright, big, and delicious!!) It’s unfortunate that your friends can’t be happy for your growth and brightness, but instead are trying to fear you into the box they feel safe in. You have chosen another way of life. They are in a great deal of pain, are arguing for their limitations, and have chosen a path of fear. Sometimes pain speaks very loudly and isn’t very tolerant.

Can you have a relationship with your friends? Yes – absolutely. The question is, what kind? On your terms or theirs? You have a choice here. You can try to explain yourself and work at making your friends understand and like you, or you can wear the vibrations of Observing, Compassion, and Certainty, smile, and thank them. And then turn and do something that feels good. You can appreciate them for the things you can, and turn from those not in alignment with your truth. You can choose to be as bright as you can be and hope that someday they will see what’s possible to experience beyond their box. Let me know what you choose. I’m interested.

I’m glad you’re in this little community with us, Amy.

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