With the help of a simple rose

Navigating and managing life challenges can be a heavy or difficult affair.  What if there was a way to make it easier?  For those who are considered empaths or HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) large crowds or social setting are challenging.  What if it wasn’t a matter of blocking or protecting yourself, but simply a definition to know what energy belongs to you, where you stop and start.

The Rose tool, introduced in the Foundation course in Mastering Alchemy, is a fundamental tool that helps you position yourself so that you can be in the world, but not be tossed around by it.

Reading Time 35 minutes

What’s the Subconscious Mind?

In this episode, we delve into the depths of the subconscious mind and its profound impact on our lives. We explore how our upbringing shapes our beliefs and perceptions, leading to the constant need for validation from the external world. The rational mind, diligently trained to keep us safe and fit in, often hinders our true desires and potential.

Discovering the third choice

What if how it is, isn’t really how it is? What if there was another way to play the game, with more choices – a life hack, or simply a different perspective that offered you more freedom and possibilities from which to choose? This third choice would allow us to shift from a limited two-choice-only system of duality into new possibilities that support happiness for you as well as those around you so that everyone can win in this game.

Listening Time 58 minutes

Who’s life are you living?

Is it yours or someone else’s? Do you sometimes ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me?”
What if NOTHING is wrong with you? What if that uncomfortable feeling or thought is someone else’s idea of success or wellbeing and it’s not in alignment with who you are? Maybe you’re trying to live someone else’s idea of life and living it on their terms.
Would you like to learn how to live your life on your terms?

Listening Time 69 minutes

How do you navigate this changing world

How do you define your space, set your energy and hold your attention on what you want to experience rather than being pulled into the expanding noise of the third dimension?
Becoming aware and recognizing the vibrations you are holding allows you to choose between the wellbeing of the fifth dimension and the pain and fear of the third dimension noise.

Learn the tools that allow you to align yourself in vibrations to comfortably and fluidly move around to experience your life in wellbeing.

Listening Time 63 minutes

Are you losing your friends

I am in Level 1 and love it and everything that I am learning with you. I’ve been applying your tools and information in my daily life, and I need some help with something. I have two devout religious friends who don’t understand who I am anymore. I love them dearly and respect their paths. I’ve never spoken to them about my spiritual direction and beliefs. I mind my own business and don’t want to challenge them.

Reading Time 3 minutes