Where is Home?

Where is Home?

You say everyone is going Home. Where is Home?

In fifth dimensional space, which we define really simply as wellbeing, happy, appreciation, gratitude, respect, dignity, laughter, kindness, there is no war. There is no anger, rage, resentment. That’s the baggage that got left behind. So now you’re living in the same house, sitting in the same chair and you’re happy, you’re respectful. You’re simply allowing others to be who they are. That’s a very different configuration of consciousness than the normal third dimensional consciousness of fear and reaction. So if I said, would you like to live in that space? And would you like to be able to just be conscious and manage yourself in that space?

Home is right here. Home is right in the heart. Home is the space that gets really quiet into that aspect of loving yourself. And it’s at such a level that it reflects back to the Creator the Love and the Light that the Creator is. That’s Home.

In fact, a lot of times you can get into that space and you’re so conscious in this space. Yes, you have a physical body, but it’s not what it’s about at all. That’s Home. Now, does Home get reflected in different layers of dimensions and densities and experiences and fractals of light presentation and universes and consciousness? Absolutely. Home is everywhere. It’s this alignment that allows you and the Creator to be one. It’s you reflecting back to the Creator what the Creator is. It’s you and the Creator being one in this new thought that you just thought up, a brand new thought, never thought before. And you say to the Creator, what about this? And the Creator smiles, that’s Home.

But there’s a transition between here and there, and you can’t take that baggage with you. And so we’re all in that transition right now.

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