The Shift

All about the Octave

There is a new level of consciousness available. It’s a shift away from the challenges and limitations we may currently find ourselves in. It’s an alignment into a new state of vibrational frequency. A state of being called the Octave.  It is smoother, allowing, enjoyable, much more comfortable and exciting.

Reading Time 65 minutes

Engaging from hesitation and the 4th, 5th, 6th Rays of Creation

Understand how time & space work and how hesitation and fear change how you create your life experiences. How do you wish to engage? It’s a question we don’t often put a lot of attention on with how we want to experience what’s in front of us.

Listening Time 62 minutes

There’s a new game, want to play?

We are moving into playing life on a new game board, with new rules and structures. A key aspect in moving to the new game board is that you will start to simply know more. We are not just one thing – we are multi-layered beings comprised of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that are not […]

Reading Time 8 minutes

2023-2024 Shifts in Consciousness, a conversation with Pam Gregory

Join Pam Gregory and Jim Self in an insightful discussion about global consciousness shifts in 2023 and where we are going in 2024. Hear about how spirituality plays into the fusion of technology and the astrological influences aid in our expansion. Gain insights on coming astrological events, the power of collective meditations, stepping into self-love, and nature—an immersive experience of a global energetic shift.

Viewing Time 53 minutes

Solstice – A 90 Degree Turn | Livestream

We are about to make a 90 degree turn … at the speed of light! Are you ready? The next unfolding of reality is coming into focus. Consciousness is showing itself in new presentations. The 3D game of separation, duality and linear time are giving away to stepping into the imagined realities of your creation. Would you like to know what all this means?

Viewing Time 85 minutes

How did we get here?

In this video journey, discover how you volunteered to play an extraordinary role in unraveling the cosmic game and finding your way back home, all with a smile from the Creator.

Viewing Time 5 minutes