Who will I be without my baggage?

Who Will I Be When All This Baggage Goes Away? Will I Still Fit In?

Who will I be when all this baggage goes away? Will the change be so drastic that I don’t fit in anymore?

What happens is, in a way, the answer is yes, you won’t fit in anymore. But what does that mean? So I, I’m not comfortable around people. It’s too noisy. People are angry. That’s what you’re not going to fit into anymore.

You begin to start to step away from that, and then you begin to let go of the “I’m not okay”. “I don’t deserve” type of baggage that we walk around with. The tools literally help you step out of all that onto a platform, a different kind of format that gets you out of that space. You begin to have choice in a way that doesn’t usually pop up, but at the end of it, yes, you’re going to be a different person.

This is really amazing. It’s an adventure. It’s a journey. It’s an expedition, an exploration of you finding out who you are, and it’s quite spectacular as you go along, there’s lots of bumps in the road. You all of a sudden start letting go some of the baggage, and you grab ahold of it and you start to wear it all over you again. There’s tools for that easy way to get out of it. It’s not a wonderful, pure, heavenly journey. There are bumps in the road. It’s not a two-week class and here’s a certificate for you. It’s your journey. It’s you exploring and evolving into who you actually are.

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