How to increase your Intuition

How to Increase Your Intuition

Remember your state of understanding as a child? Maybe you didn’t know what was happening with time, your schedule, or your future, but internally you could sense what was going on, and when something was wrong. As adults, we call this intuition. In the chaos of adulthood, intuition is often considered unrealistic or inefficient. We like things to be solid and tangible, yet every person has intuition. It is our superpower as humans. Maybe you haven’t experienced your intuition in a long time, but it’s still there, and Mastering Alchemy has developed ways you can use it to navigate your day more comfortably.

What is Intuition:

Your intuition may seem dulled or even nonexistent at times, but, in truth, it is as natural as breathing or eating. When we forget to cultivate this part of ourselves it can become dormant. By consciously interacting with this inner world, we become aligned and reconnect with our intuition. We tap into the bedrock that supports our intuition every time we engage creatively and use imagination. 

Clairvoyance or clear-seeing is the aspect of our intuition that Mastering Alchemy shows us how to use for greater ease in crafting our life. Memory acts like a third eye when we recall it. When we understand this skill, it helps us to be more attuned to what we see, hear, and feel. Using this knowledge we can begin to sense new choices, and then choose to respond differently to situations. Intuition is the human attribute that allows us to see beyond the simple choice of this or that, and experience these new choices that offer deeper truths. Let’s explore how you can strengthen your intuition and tap into your superpower to create more of what you want for yourself and your world in a more comfortable manner.

Intuition and Intuitive Thinking

It’s easy to think of intuition as something others have: A spiritual ability belonging to empaths or the highly sensitive. But we all have intuition, and on the physical level, it’s rooted in neuroscience. Scientists have discovered intuitive thinking to be the brain’s way of storing, sorting, and retrieving information subconsciously. 

While we don’t consciously recall all our uncomfortable childhood memories, we remember the feelings, which alert us to be cautious in the future. Those familiar with Mastering Alchemy will recognize this as the ‘second chakra sonar’ at work, using the knowledge we subconsciously stored from past experiences. That’s an incredible ability, and more importantly, to use it as an effective tool as we dispel misconceptions.

How to Develop and Strengthen Your Intuition

Intuition is nurtured in many ways. Here are five key practices anyone can use to begin the journey to heighten your intuition.

  • Meditation – You can build intuition by calming and recentering your mind. A daily practice of as little as 5-10 minutes clears and settles your mind. Once you have created a clean environment, there is mental room to understand deeper feelings, memories, and needs. As you find the ‘center-of-your-head’, it serves as a key tool to greater understanding as you clear and clean out your space more quickly.
  • What are you noticing? You increase your awareness by starting on a physical level. Listen to your body and notice reactions – When was the last time you stopped to revel in goosebumps created by a cold breeze? We often notice these things, but when was the last time you last fully experienced a physiological feeling? Next time you step outside, breathe deeply and just notice what is happening around you. Experience the warmth of the sun as it seeps into your skin, and marvel at the wind as it goes through your hair. Let your mind fully focus on the physicality of the world around you. This will help you develop the habit of being more aware or noticing, create space and strengthen your intuition. Another side to this, is noticing your body’s reactions. Are you in a meeting and suddenly get sweaty? Or get a sudden stomachache in a new scenario? Your body is signaling you to pay attention to the world around you; A.K.A your intuition is speaking. 
  • Be more creative – No need to be a writer or artist to delve into creativity. The creative act heightens your imagination and uses your intuitive brain. Start journaling, sketching, or gardening to live in that space, this puts you in a similar flow state as meditation and will nurture your right brain, as this is another step towards increasing your intuition. 
  • Pay attention to your dreams & lucid dreaming – Our dreams help us process daily experiences and file memories. When we pay attention to our dreams, we have insight into important memories, feelings, or things we consciously didn’t notice. You can prepare your subconscious before sleeping by focusing on a decision or problem you want to work out. Then allow yourself to work through these thoughts within your dreams. Keep a journal next to your bed to write down insights when you wake up before they fade away with the immediacy and routine of daily life. 
  • Listen to your inner voice – Have you ever asked yourself about a decision and then sat and waited for an answer? This is different from anxiously worrying over a choice. Instead, go to a quiet space, and lay out a problem, decision, or question, then sit and wait quietly without letting worry take over your mental space. If you allow for the quiet and space to block out internal chatter you will hear a clear voice providing insight and direction, which means you are developing your intuition. The key is to remain focused and stay in the energy from which you asked the questions.

How Mastering Alchemy Can Help


You do not need to do this alone.

Although the steps above are great, these are only a few ways to begin down the path of heightening your intuition. Mastering Alchemy is a space to learn and thrive and provides a sense of community to those who are walking this path together. If you want to take a step further, our Foundation subscription is the place to start, and you can join our community on the path to intuition enlightenment. 

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