2023 Conference

Join us in San Diego, California, October 26-29, 2023, as we gather together to play, practice, expand, explore and, as always, create and build community.

October 26-29, 2023

Play With the Octave, Explore the Soul

The time is now. We, and the Teachers of Light, see an opportunity to assist with the evolution of both you and mass human consciousness in significant ways.

This is a co-creation and YOU are an important part of what will unfold. Let’s work and play together to alter our energetic systems, gain a new point of reference and understand the world and ourselves in ways we have never before imagined!

Women imagining an apple

Your presence is joyfully requested!

Let’s meet and play in the following areas:

• Think as the Higher Self thinks
• Healing without healing
• Learn from your genetic lineage
• 3D humans and 5D evolution
• Observe from the etheric body
• Anchor your default within the Octave
• Practice staying in the Octave as you move through 3D
• Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the new Human

And more… as with all Mastering Alchemy work, topics will be added and expanded upon as the event takes shape.

The conference is open to those who are or have participated in Level 2 and beyond. A private registration link is in the Deep Dive Classroom.

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Attend In Person or Online

Attend In Person:
$495 usd

Attend Online:
$425 usd

The online live stream will have daily recordings posted for those in different time zones. These recordings will remain posted for up to 5 days following the conference. Final and fully edited video recordings will be available for purchase following the event, at a discount for all attendees.


Holiday Inn Bayside Hotel Video Tour

Location and Lodging

Holiday Inn Bayside Hotel

4875 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92106
Phone: 1 619 224 3621
Free shuttle from the San Diego International Airport

Discounted rates are available on a first come first serve basis now. Please call the hotel to ask and see what is available.

Looking for a roommate?
Ask on our Discord channel (october-conference) or
ask to join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MasteringAlchemyConference/

Space is limited, so please save your spot today.

Event Schedule

Thursday, October 26
5-7pm Early Check-In and Reception with open bar and appetizers

Friday, October 27
8am Final check-In opens
9am Morning Session begins promptly
12 – 1:30pm Lunch
2-5pm-ish Afternoon Session

Saturday, October 28
9am Morning Session begins promptly
12 – 1:30pm Lunch
1:30-5pm-ish Afternoon Session
7-9pm Q&A

Sunday, October 29
9am Morning Session begins promptly
12 – 1:30pm Lunch
2-3pm-ish Afternoon Session

Together we’ll participate in meditations, discussions, break-out groups and the delight of sharing space in a beautiful setting. More details will follow as this continues to unfold. We truly hope you can join us. Our work is all about community, and you make our community work.

It’s a co-creation

Community Connections

This is an important event for our community to gather and participate! If you have an idea or activity in mind or a talent you would like to share, (for online or in-person) please reach out! This is about us co-creating this important event together. We will be continuing the conversations as this develops in our online community.

Space is limited, so please save your spot today.

Thinking about the upcoming conference took me to an interesting place of excitement and tears. For me, the energy surrounding this gathering in October is huge! This, I feel, will be “the Great Dinner Party.” Most likely, one of many.