The Shift

Are you feeling the Shift?

Have you noticed that…

  • Time seems to be speeding up?
  • Your memories aren’t as reliable as they used to be?
  • Emotional stuff you thought you had dealt with is suddenly resurfacing?
  • Nothing seems to be working the way it used to?

You’re not alone. Many people talk about how the world is falling apart, noticing that things just aren’t how they used to be. And it’s true. But what if it was all falling apart on purpose?

A vast new energetic era is unfolding, creating opportunities for those who are ready to release their limitations and move toward experiencing life as the spiritual beings we all came here to be.

There is a Shift, a transformation, a really BIG change occurring.

New Waves of Light

Becoming aware

This Shift that is underway is affecting every aspect of our third-dimensional reality. It is so far-reaching that our limited imagination cannot begin to grasp the transition and the changes we are now in the midst of experiencing.

It is affecting every aspect of life on this planet – our political, social and economic structures, the environment, institutions and wars, how we view our relationships and our work. Simply put, every thought we think and every feeling we feel.

The Shift is altering time, our memory, our DNA, the wiring of our physical and emotional bodies, our beliefs, our perceptions of good and bad, right and wrong. Most especially, this Wave of Change is affecting our awareness of what is possible. It is offering us abundant, new understandings, instructions and possibilities of how to once again live in harmony with each other, the environment, and All That Is.

Presenting Jim Self’s book, The Shift.

Available in 12 languages!

The Shift e-book, written by Jim Self, will help bring a greater awareness to the big picture so you understand what is happening to you and the world around you.

  • Learn about the new Waves of Light.
  • Understand why this is all happening now.
  • Notice how it’s affecting you (time is speeding up, you’re losing your memories and gaining your truth…).
  • Understand the third and fourth dimensions.
  • Learn why this is important to you in this unique moment.
  • Discover the remarkable opportunities out there waiting for you.

It will also introduce you to a set of tools, skills and opportunities to step into a higher dimensional awareness, fully conscious and completely realigned with who you are and who you have always been.

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