Jim Self joins Sandie Sedgbeer on WHAT IS GOING OM – 2024

Stepping Off The Hamster Wheel

Jim Self joined Sandie Sedgbeer on What Is Going Om on February 29 2024 to discuss the story and events surrounding how consciousness is unfolding. Since 2011 into 2030 they discuss how the world is changing and seeing these shifts. How altering our thought frequencies for personal transformation is a tool to navigate humanity’s rapidly shifting evolution. They delve into the transformative shifts in consciousness and energy dynamics swirling around. Jim discusses the necessity of letting go of old baggage as humanity transitions from the third-dimensional, masculine-dominated game to the fifth-dimensional, where well-being, co-creation, cooperation, and gratitude rule.

With the potential for a split in the collective consciousness, we are each faced with a conscious choice: step into a higher vibrational state or remain to play the same game. Define yourself, and you begin to define your reality in this fifth-dimensional space. Revitalizing your energetic and inner guidance systems is critical to living the life you came here to live.

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