How Do You Choose?

In this podcast, Jim reflects on his experiences and explores the concept of choices and decisions. He discuss the changes happening in the world and how it affects our consciousness.

Jim also shares insights on the transition from the third-dimensional game to a new game with different rules and configurations. And to question the invisible rules they’ve accepted and embrace a new way of navigating life. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of consciousness and personal growth.

Listening Time 63 minutes

The story of the Fall of Consciousness

Wait… what if there was no Fall of Consciousness? What if it was a made-up story? Or maybe a story that got lost in transition, forgotten and reinvented on the journey all the way to this very minute? Bad angels? No … but some very surprising events occurred on the way from the Creator’s first thought to where we find ourselves today. Watch Jim Self recount the story as told to him by the Archangels.

Reading Time 28 minutes

Layers of Thought

Thought is experienced in different layers of our consciousness determined by the purpose of the attention point the thought is held. They are numbered only for human comprehension. The higher the number – the quieter the experience.

Eye of Horus

An energy template configured within the brain. When activated it opens access to higher levels of consciousness and greater aspects of intuition. Working with the Eye of Horus… READ MORE