Accelerate into the ‘create’ aspect — the time is now 

Since late March 2023, energy has been shifting and accelerating, giving us all the opportunity to react with excitement, fear, or with some combination of the two.

Fear and excitement operate in the same vibrational frequency. The difference is that fear keeps us stuck, or “safe,” in our old patterns, patterns which have mostly been handed down to us. Fear keeps us anchored in belief systems that may not even be ours to begin with.

Excitement offers us a powerful, creative freedom — but where can we play with that power and creativity?

Over the years, Mastering Alchemy has offered guidance, insight, discussion and a supportive community, all designed to help us remember the tools that we are all given from the beginning. With all of this knowledge under our belt, it’s time to really dive into the alchemy side of the equation.

girl running through forrest

This is fun work

Things can be both fun and work! They say love what you do, and you won’t work a day in your life…once you find yourself letting go and diving deep into this space, the fun begins. Once the fun begins, your power grows and the creating starts. And as your creating starts, your power grows. It’s a cycle, and it’s exponential.

The power of an energetic laboratory lies in its ability to help you hone these creative skills and carve new neural pathways in your brain. When you play in this space, you are not just entertaining yourself, you are actively rewiring your brain and developing new habits and thought patterns.

Welcome to your energetic laboratory

How do I get in?

If you’re just starting, it might feel a little like you lost your spare set of keys to the lab or forgot your keycode. You’ll find that access in a quiet space where you can focus your attention. Set your intention for what you want to achieve in your laboratory. What’s important to you, what matters to you most in life right now? That’s a good question to ask yourself as a jumping off point. 

Once you have your intention set, it’s time to start playing! 

Experiment with different energy frequencies — try on feelings of joy, abundance, and gratitude. Notice how your visual of your internal laboratory responds to these different frequencies.

Energy Laboratory

No more limits

The beauty of your energetic laboratory, and of Mastering Alchemy itself, is that there are no limits to what you can create. You are free to experiment with different energies and scenarios until you find the one that resonates with you. And when you do find that perfect frequency, you can then bring that energy into your physical reality and watch as it manifests in your life. Get ready for the aha moments!

But why is this type of practice so important?

We all have bills, work, relationships to contribute to, shelves to dust, to-do lists to check. So why is this so important? It wasn’t taught in school. 

Simply put, we are energetic beings living in an energetic universe. Everything in our physical reality is a manifestation of the energy frequencies we are holding in our thoughts and emotions. By consciously choosing to play in our energetic laboratory and experiment, we are taking ownership of our energetic reality and actively creating the life we desire.

Sometimes it’s the little things: Why just dust the shelves when we can dust the shelves with intention, admiring the accumulation of dust on the cloth, maybe singing our favorite song or listening to birds outside, maybe listening to our kids bickering in the other room…playing in our energetic laboratory helps us experience the present in a meaningful way. This gives us a new perspective, and that new perspective sends a ripple effect outward, all around you.

Take back your power

When we are stuck in a certain way of thinking, it can be difficult to see new possibilities or opportunities. But by playing in our energetic laboratory, which is both connected to our heart space and powered by one of our most invaluable tools, our imagination, we are giving ourselves permission to think outside the box and explore new ways of being.

By honing your energetic skills and breaking free from limiting beliefs, you can truly master the art of alchemy and create a life that exceeds your wildest dreams.

Images are AI generated with prompts crafted by artist Jan C. McLarty, fellow Mastering Alchemy member.

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