Find clarity in your life through increased awareness of your emotions

What supports how we want to feel instead of the confusion of emotions?

In the modern world, noise is everywhere. We’re distracted by phones, screens, world events, day-to-day tasks, and general busyness. With everything constantly coming at us, how do we understand our needs? How do we make decisions well? How do we find clarity? 

Humans are naturally emotional. We react to the Instagram story of a lost dog, and we respond to the ads telling us we need a collagen supplement to be happy. It’s easy to be bombarded by information that hijacks our emotions. Is there a way to respond that supports what we want to feel instead of the confusion of emotions we don’t want?

The simple answer is yes! By increasing our consciousness and awareness, we’re able to gain more control over our emotional landscape and find clarity in our decision-making.

Our Emotions & Energy

Human emotions are more than just something you feel.  They are measurable energy with a magnetic component that can ‘charge’ or bring awareness to a situation.  They help to bring unconscious thoughts into an awareness of consciousness.  While very handy to help bring you awareness, this can become very confusing when we are feeling other people’s emotions or have contrary unconscious beliefs.  For example, we may logically say one thing, but the vibrations in our body could be making us feel something entirely different.  How do we manage this energy more consciously?

Daily affirmations are one way that allows you to set what you want to feel that day.  It sets the vibrations (the energy) to help create the experience you desire. This sets your intention and puts your attention on what you want.  However, you may then have a doubt or contradictions coming through which can create a lot of confusion.  Don’t be dismayed!  This is the best part. It is part of the process that brings you clarity to get you more of what you want. Your emotions are bringing attention to negative self-talk, habits, or beliefs you might have in your space that have been there without realizing it.  The unconscious is becoming conscious.

By working through these contradictions with a daily practice of affirmations, we begin deconstructing the misguided thoughts or energy that don’t provide us with what we want and begin to instead shape our experiences with intentional words. 

Affirmations are a way great start to noticing what is holding you back and more intentionally create what you want.  But there is an even larger lens to look through. 

What you put out into the world is a reflection of how you think and feel.

Take note of how you speak, where you spend your time, and your interactions with others. These experiences show you what you currently feel, what you say, and what you do; and therefore, give you a hint about what is going on internally. This can help you understand important clues to what you’ll need to shift emotionally and mentally in order to have your experiences match your conscious thoughts and emotions. By taking a step back and viewing your interactions, you can learn how to manage your emotions more effectively.

Conscious Energy

Your energy plays an important part in the way you interact in daily life,  impacting your health, relationships, and decision-making. Unmanaged energy develops into experiencing a  reactionary life. This creates unhealthy patterns that we may not even be aware of. Reacting instead of choosing your response can damage your well-being and your relationships, moving you into an unconscious state as you interact with the world around you. We can choose to step away from impulsive reactions by pausing and then making a conscious choice in our response, and in how we feel about the experience.

In pausing, we shift out of reaction and become an observer. When you pause to observe and reflect on your day or a situation, you’re consciously reflecting on the energy of your emotions and your choices. As you observe your life, your responses and feelings become a conscious act. You take back the power and decide if the glass is half full. You are ascending to your higher self simply by paying attention.

By practicing observation you’re entering into your wisdom or higher mind – a state of observing that considers both logical reasoning and emotional understanding. You’re peeling back the layers of emotional confusion and pure logic to delve into your deeper wisdom. In this space, you’re becoming masterful. A great observer chooses how they want to feel and how that shapes their life experiences. 

Taking time to pause starts building levels of clarity and understanding. This growing clarity helps fine-tune all aspects of your life from health to relationships to career. As you become more conscious of where you’ve been unconscious, you start to see your blind spots. This gives you the chance to make different decisions that you have in the past, and you grow in overall consciousness and awareness.

Unmanaged emotions and energy lead to impulsive decisions, unhinged emotions, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Tips from MA

How to Increase Your Awareness

Firstly, take some time to decide what you want to feel each day. How do you want to feel in challenging situations? Try choosing a word and wearing it, such as capable. Simply by defining these expectations for yourself, you’re entering a space of awareness and knowing what you wish to choose. You can do this with a practice of meditation or a quick walk. Continually touch base with yourself to make sure you remain conscious and don’t fall back into a reactive state of being. 

Don’t let negative self-talk take over your affirmations and meditations. These are old patterns of thought and going unconscious. They’re not beneficial to your growth. Instead, remember to ground yourself first as you focus on the choice in front of you. Lean into your clarity and make a decision using your higher mind. 

Be nice to yourself as you reflect. Choose kindness towards yourself. Make your favorite cup of tea, cozy up in front of the fire, play with your dog or do whatever brings you simple joy. Remember there are no failures, everything is a learning experience.

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Supportive events will help you tap into your deeper energy & raise your consciousness. Mastering Alchemy’s Pathway Home event is a great opportunity to put these ideas into practice and learn even more about your consciousness.

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