How do we navigate the uneasy excitement of the solstice energy?

Remember Earth Sciences in middle school?

Here’s what might have been in the pages of that used and reused textbook you carried around in your backpack and doodled in among the margins during class:

The solstice is an astronomical event that occurs when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is at its maximum with respect to the Sun. This tilt causes the Sun to appear at its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon, depending on the hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, the solstice marks the longest day of the year.

Sure! But the part of you that was secretly daydreaming (when you were supposed to be memorizing lines from a text) knew there was something more. What the pages might not have told you is that the solstice carries with it cultural, symbolic, and astronomical significance, reminding us of our participation in the Universe. It also carries with it a powerful opportunity for renewal for our sense of self.


Acknowledge and embrace the energy

Imagine replacing the lightbulb in your closet. Now you can see your clothing better, that’s great! On the other hand, you can also now see all the cobwebs and boxes of old paperwork shoved in the back corner. Clothes that don’t fit. Bags that need to be cleaned out. This Wave of Light will have a similar effect. While the Light is your friend, your love of self, your clearer view of who you are, all that you are not is also illuminated. Rather than resisting the discomfort that comes, try to stay neutral about it. Look at it as part of your transformative process. It’s coming up, only to be let go of. Allowing opens us up to the possibility of those aha moments, those breakthroughs that guide us back to who we are. It’s you, shifting with the Light of the new energy. Be patient with yourself. It’s working for you, so you don’t have to.

Often, as the solstice approaches, we find ourselves in an energetic state of both awe and unease. This upcoming solstice, you might be feeling that unsettled feeling more than usual, as the first solstice of 2023 will be bringing with it the next Wave of Light. It’s time to use this energy, to harness it for personal and collective transformation.

Let’s explore how to approach this continuation of the shift as it accelerates. This new Light started peeking over the edge in March of this year. Here’s our opportunity to experience it more fully.

Self-reflection and introspection

This new energy will provide opportunities to move toward a simple happiness. It is a fertile environment for deep self-reflection and introspection without effort. The answer appears as the question is asked. It brings easier access to the Higher Self and glimpses of how the Soul thinks. The time is now, so set moments aside to meditate, journal, walk in nature — whatever helps you tap into this current of powerful energy to gain insight into your life, how you’re living, and who you really are.

inner reflection

Shedding old patterns and setting intentions

It’s an odd sensation when something that is so difficult feels so good. What a relief, that moment when you identify a pattern that is no longer serving your authentic self, that moment when you release that old pattern. The solstice marks a change in the Sun’s trajectory, inviting us to do the same. This is a moment to let go of limiting thoughts, behaviors, and relationships, creating room for that positive transformation. 

This letting go of limiting patterns and beliefs creates room for us to set new intentions for ourselves. The solstice is an ideal time to set intentions that align with our Highest Mind, our purest aspirations. As we harness the potent energy swirling around and within us, we can channel it more clearly and with focus, applying it to our personal goals, spiritual growth, our manifestation practices, whatever best serves our journey back to who we really are, so that we can move through the world with authenticity.

Connecting with Community

While the solstice is a deeply personal and introspective time, it also offers an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Engaging in community gatherings or discussions can enhance the transformative power of the solstice energy and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Join us in community on June 24 for This Solstice. The Sun, the Earth, the magnetic field and the NEW YOU. No need to register, and open to all! Invite your friends! This moment is for all of us.

Fear and excitement are the same vibration, just on opposite ends of the stick. The choice of which to experience is up to us. Let’s celebrate this next Wave of Light and embrace the excitement of transformation. This is a new moment of energy. The time is now to ride the wave.


Images are AI generated with prompts crafted by artist Jan C. McLarty, fellow Mastering Alchemy member.

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