There’s a new game, want to play?

Life is heading in a new direction

Consider how the “game” has been played in a certain way for a long time – presenting just two choices, one deemed good and one bad. But what if there’s a whole new game board available, with new rules and new ways to play?

There is a shift occurring from the constraints of old structures and rulebooks. The invitation today is to look at choices from a fresh perspective and become aware of a lighter, more joyful way to approach decisions and life overall.

No longer limited to just “light” or “dark”, we can find new shades of gray and a full spectrum of color. This new playground we can explore allows more freedom and imagination in how we choose to live and experience this world.

The nature of choices

Throughout life, we are often presented with seemingly polarized choices – light or dark, right or wrong, good or bad. Yet in reality, the myriad possibilities and nuances of life rarely fit cleanly into these binary categories. Though we may feel pressure to choose the “right” path, in truth the “right” choice is often unclear, multidimensional, and dependent on perspective. By viewing life’s options as a stark dichotomy, we set ourselves up for inner conflict and self-judgment. Questions of morality become a divisive wedge, separating people into opposing camps.

When we instead adopt a more open, nuanced perspective, we relieve ourselves of the burden to be perfect. The stark light-dark dichotomy dissolves into a spectrum of grays. We give ourselves space to make well-intentioned choices, rooted in our values, even if the effect is not black-and-white. Though fears of choosing “wrong” may persist, we silence our inner critic by accepting life’s inherent complexity. Each supposedly wrong choice becomes an opportunity for growth, rather than condemnation. Embracing light and dark, wrongs and rights as interconnected elements of life’s mosaic, we gain the freedom and courage to live fully. No longer confined to simplistic categories, we can step forward boldly yet humbly, doing our best while acknowledging our limitations.

We are moving into playing life on a new game board, with new rules and structures.

This game board has more fluidity, ease, and enjoyment. The restrictive rules we took for granted in the old 3D game no longer apply here.

On this new game board, there is more flexibility and freedom. Things flow in a gentler, smoother way. There is no need to wait for permission from others before taking action or making choices. It brings a sense of lightness and possibility. We do not have to abide by rigid roles or ways of being anymore. Instead, we have the space to create ourselves anew, following our own inner truths. There are multiple paths forward rather than just either/or choices. Even our concepts of “right” and “wrong” expand to include more nuance.

Life on this new game board is not about proving ourselves or seeking validation. We do not have to earn belonging or acceptance. Our worth is inherent, not dependent on external factors. This frees us to relate to others from a place of wholeness rather than lack. With more ease and less fear, we can move through the world with openness of heart. The invitation is here – to play upon this new game board.

A key aspect in moving to the new game board is that you will start to simply know more.

A growing awareness

This knowing will arise not necessarily from external teaching, but through an internal expansion of awareness.

Many are already noticing they are engaging with life differently than before. There is a growing ability to be aware in each moment, perceiving life from a fresh vantage point. This accelerating awareness is allowing for new knowledge to emerge organically.  This is your consciousness expanding.

Rather than accumulating knowledge through force or effort, you will find yourself gaining insights spontaneously. It’s the great idea just drops in.

This type of direct knowing stems from heightened consciousness, not intellectual study. It is the wisdom that comes from living ever-more fully in each moment. As you inhabit the now with your full presence, you gain understanding of yourself and the world previously unavailable.

The knowledge accessed in this new game board transcends linear thought. It comes from a growing harmony between your inner being and outer experience.  Progress here is measured not by how much is learned, but by how much is realized. This game board invites you to know yourself and life through intimate connection. As you engage each moment consciously, you gain knowledge that cannot be taught, only recognized within your own living awareness.

We are not just one thing – we are multi-layered beings comprised of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that are not linear.

Playing in the Octave

Many may already notice engaging with life differently than before. This expanding awareness is accelerating. The third dimensional game is fading, but that doesn’t mean we automatically receive all information just because we are “spiritual” beings having a physical experience. We are still in physical bodies with conditioned ways of thinking, feeling, and being.  It’s in process.

Luckly for us, we have some support to help us transition onto the new game board.  There is a new energetic framework, an alignment of energy into well-being that we call the Octave that is available.  It is an intermediary space between the old 3D game we’ve been playing and the new 5D experience of wellbeing. The octave allows us to explore choices and possibilities in new ways not previously available.

The best news is that as we spend more time playing in this alignment, it becomes more and more familiar.  It get’s stickier and you drop out or are knocked out less easily.  That smile is just always there.

Enjoy the message and energy further by listening to this Best Of Mastering Alchemy class “Are you choosing your direction or is it choosing you?.

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